Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 10/31/2010 Sunday

Lindsay doing the thing she hates the most! Scooping the seeds out of the pumpkin!
Brooke tries to help.
The yucky exposed guts before carving which is DADDY'S job!

Brooke points to daddy "YOU DO IT" she says!

Lindsay showing off some seeds and of course she wants to plant them!

Here is the finished product, and Brooke is acting like she is sawing it.

Happy Halloween!!!

Our first visit of the night Mr. John and Edie our next store neighbors.
Brooke is a butterfly princess but her wings would not fit in the car seat safely and Lindsay is Ariel with "NO CROWN TONIGHT MA"!

The next stop were the neighbors over one Crystal & Gary and they had their to grandaughters for the weekend and were getting ready to take Cambry and Avery home. They trick or treated the night before.


Checking out the loot in thier pumpkins so far.

Princess Brookie with her wings on!!

hmmm... what to choose??

Mommy's cool cat shirt from Old Navy!

Derek with his pillow case ready to travel!

Grandmama in her witch hat and Lindsay, Uncle Paul walking behind.

Heading for the culdesac for Pizza and goodies.

The Fire Truck here to lead the parade of Spooks.

Aunt Agatha, Brooke, mommy & Lindsay
Brooke's first house of the night at Aunt Helen's neighborhood.

Pumpkin, check, glow stick, check ready to go!!

Brooke a little tired on the walk down to the food.

The wings are off now because they were "tickeling her".

This lady had a cockatiel on her shoulder but Brooke had no interest in that.

Uncle Paul walks Brooke up to one of the doors.

Our every year friends that only see us once a year. They usually dress up but not this year.

Aunt Agatha takes Brooke up to see Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Every year we get our photo taken under this arch.

Linds, mom, and Aunt Agatha and Brooke in the back.

Now Lindsay who finally decides to trick or treat again meets Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The official Halloween Duck!
Daddy & Lindsay

Our display of pumpkins on the sidewalk.

Our glowing spooky pumpkin.

The close up shot.
Now the reason you did not see that much of Lindsay is because they have a Mr. Pumpkin man at this festivity and all the kids in the neighborhood know him already and are not afraid of him. Well, he scares the BEJESUS out of Lindsay every year and she did not want to be near him and opted to have daddy take her back to Aunt Helen's and Uncle David's to pass out candy. Finally Grandada got her to re think it and come trick or treat for a while. Which I was really happy about because I would hate for all her Halloween fun to be ruined. We think this might be the last year we drive all the way out to their house to trick or treat now that Lindsay will be in Kindergarten next year and she will have more friends living around her. Also, there is Publix and all the local Churches around here that do special stuff for the kids.

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