Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Disney Photos 4/11/2010

Lindsay meets her first Princess of the day... SNOW WHITE
On the play ground after meeting Ariel.

Edward taking care of Brooke!

The relatives with fans... it was HOT!

Meeting Aurora or "Sleeping Beauty" and getting her autograph.

Cousin Mary giving Lindsay smooches!

Lindsay in Pooh's Honey pot.

The Castle!

Getting Cinderella's autograph

More Snow White!

Ed's girlfriend

Cinderella signing Lindsay's book.

Brooke meets the Fairy God Mother.

A happy Lindsay!

Daddy Holds Lindsay up so she can see the stage show.

The girls' pose with Sleeping Beauty.

Belle signs Brooke and Lindsay's books.

Mary, Brooke, Chris , Ed and Lindsay (Jessie took the photo)

Just our family of 4 in front of the castle!

Lindsay gets her pen back from the Fairy God Mother.

Aunt Kimmie gives Lindsay a big hug when we got home!

The girls'watch the characters dance on stage.

Check out Brookie's belly button.

Aila and Brooke chilling out on the floor.

Linds on the carousel.

Ed on the carousel.

Mommy & Brooke on DUMBO!

Dad & Lindsay on Dumbo!

Up in the Air on DUMBO!

Good family shot!

Brooke on the playground.

Ed slacking off from kid duty!! LOL!
Brooke & Lindsay pose with Belle!

M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE!!!!!!!!

More watching the stage from afar.

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