Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Camping Trip Stone Mountain Day 2

Adam the Boy Scout tending the camp fire.

Getting ready for the Hay Ride.

Uncle Paul and Brookie sharing some popcorn.

Off we go!

The hay ride stops here!

The scare crows.

Heading off the Hay Ride to go pick pumpkins.

Hadley and her sister Zoe pick their pumpkins.

Lindsay picks her pumpkin.

Guarding her pumpkin and eating her popcorn.

Brooke has her pumpkin but is still looking just to make sure.

Happy with her choice now!

Linds not letting go of that popcorn bag!

Chris, Dad, Lindsay and Adam showing off their pumpkins.

Chris, Mike, Brooke, Dad, Mom, Lindsay & Agatha

Mom & Dad with their pumpkins.

Back on the Hay Ride.

After the hay ride the kids got to paint their pumpkins.

Uncle Paul helps Brooke Paint.

More Painting.

Lindsay paints.

Kiri has fun painting.

Zoe has a blast painting next to Lindsay.

Cutie pie!


Daddy Quigg gives a Thumbs Up!

Lindsay goes to town on her pumpkin!

Brooke & Lindsay playing Ring Around The Rosie.

Back at the camp site in the motor home.

Brooke takes her turn at the window.

Derek chilling at the camp ground.

Chris, Mike, Lindsay, Dad, Mom & Brooke on the Train that goes around Stone Mountain.

Brooke says "CHOO-CHOO" all the way around the Mountain.

More animated "Choo-Choo"!

Scenes from the train.

One of the old trains from the 1800's on the old tracks.

My pretty sweet heart!

The Stone Mountain Relief.

At the Laser show Zoe dances to the music and tries to sit on Brookie.

Zoe still dances and check out Graison's cool purple Halloween dress in the background.

Rylann enjoying the Fruits of our picking last weekend.

Derek, Lindsay, Jessica and Kiri on the hay ride again.

Hadley enjoys her apple.


Very pretty tree as we were leaving the laser show.
Day 2 was a great day had by all. We really enjoyed all the Quigg girls coming out two days in a row to hang out with us. The Smith family came out too. They enjoyed the laser show with us also. Then we went back to the camp site, made more smores and passed out in our sleeping bags!

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