Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Camping Night 1 10/22/10 Stone Mountain Camp Grounds

Adam & Lindsay finishing up supper just in time to make some smores.
Derek starts roasting the marshmellows.

Lindsay sinks her teeth into her first smore.
One happy smore girl!

Mom and Dad finish up supper.

Paul is a Happy Camper!

Helen shows off her smore.

Uncle David finishing his burger.

Adam being a great cousin and reading a book to Lindsay.

Derek is kidding with Lindsay and playing headless camper.

Surprise! He has a head!

Brooke hanging out.
Brooke gets into Derek's game now...
Night one was Friday night so after dinner we all still had to set up camp and put up our tents and inflate our air beds, hit the bath house, brush our teeth and it was nearly 2 a.m. before we got settled down into bed! AMEN!

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~Julie Miller said...

I don't see the Smoreos! Looks like ya'll had fun!