Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Professional Pics-7/13/2010

Today we went to Kiddie Kandids and had one of the best photo shoots with both girls!
Pardon the wrong spelling of Lindsay's name in this photo. The photographer is correcting it and giving us a new cd when the photos are ready to be picked up.

Here is the first one of the girls together. In the AWESOME outfits they got from their cousin Donna and her beau Jeff on Brooke's birthday.

So Sweet one of mine and Daddy's faves!

Pretty in Pink

Princess in Pink

One of Dad's favorites

Proud to be TWO!

Check out those gorgeous Blues and that Dimple.

Very proud to be FOUR!

One of Mommy's favorites

Loving Sisters

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Lindsay & Brooke 2010

Princess Brookie

Lindsay and Brooke Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Mommy's favorite Birthday dress!

Our FREE collage that came with our package!


MBKimmy said...

They are awesome I love the collage
LOVE the one of them on the bench
LOVE them all!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. They are growing so fast.

Heather said...

Love them! It is so sweet that their birthdays are close enough together that you can get these pictures.