Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Brooke Marie!!

Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve bought the girls an outdoor picnic table that will be perfect for them to use in the backyard with our new swing set.
They were pretty happy about it!
Brooke and her tongue are sooo funny!

The umbrella is PERFECT!

Brooke's cake with her cinderella candle.

Cousin Donna tries on Brooke's Tiara.

Time for gifts.

What a pretty picture!!

SOOO Sweet!

A gift from Donna and Jeff and Lindsay has a matching pant suit.

Uncle Steve preparing the pulled pork we had for lunch!
Brooke hanging out on the table bench.

Brooke's birthday balloons!
Lunch time
Donna and Jeff gave both girls Fido dogs that bark and do tricks.
Brooke named her all black doggie Max and Lindsay named her all white dog Ariel. LOL...Go figure!

Aunt Helen, Brooke and Agatha on a walk to feed the trout.

The rest of the gang on the walk.

Grandada catches a rest.

Candle time.
Happy Birthday to Brooke!

Jeff sports the tiara!

Keeping Brooke's dress clean for professional photos on Tuesday.


More gifts!

Kissing her baby Cinderella!

Wheels on the bus from Grandma and Grandad

A lovely Princess nightie from mom & dad.

We also got Linds a matching one.

Agatha & Paul gave each girl matching battery operated bikes!

The girls model their new night gowns.

Brooke naps after all the excitement!

Tub time!

Thank you Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve for hosting Brooke's 2nd Birthday it was Wonderful and the girl's had a ball. We all did! We love you and thanks again!

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renata said...

Awee, what a beautiful day! Looks like fun!!! Glad she had a great time!!