Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swim Lesson #3

HOORAY for Lindsay she swam underwater for the first time this past Thursday! She actually has 3 more swim lessons this week before she goes on her beach trip with the Roesel/Quigg family. One is a make up for the week she'll be gone and one is a freebie for her birthday month,
and the other is her regular class on Thursday! We are so proud of how well she is doing! She is much more confident in the water with a teacher especially. If she actually goes to the beach, Mike and I are planning on getting Brooke moved into Lindsay's room and turning the nursery into a playroom! Finally! There is SO much to clean up and move. We bought Brooke's bed on consignment yesterday and Mike got a mattress and box spring today off of Craig's list. Brooke is almost ready to go! I can't wait to be putting the girls' to bed every night in the same room! Although, Linds starts pre-k August 2 this Fall.

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