Friday, June 18, 2010

Aunt Claire is in town!! YAY!!

Actually Claire is Uncle Steve's aunt but she loves Lindsay and Brooke like her "grand neices"
Aunt Claire and Mommy share the same Birthday! 12/27

Lindsay had her 5th swim lesson today and she went under water TWICE and came up smiling both times! We are so proudof her! After her swim lesson Uncle Steve and Aunt Claire met us for lunch so they could say goodbye to the girls before they go off to the beach with Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul. It's going to be SO hard to know it is Lindsay's birthday and not have her here!
But, I did not want to be selfish and make her stay home just for me.
Thank you Uncle Steve for lunch today and don't forget to check your mailbox for your card from the girls'

all the Bresnan gang!!

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