Thursday, May 27, 2010

Swim Lessons for Lindsay

Today we went and signed Linday up for swim lessons at Aqua-tots and her first lesson is this Saturday. So we immediately went to Wally world and got her some plastic pants (required even though she is most totally potty trained), some goggles for 3.00$ versus the 15 bucks the swim school charges; although daddy does not want Lindsay to have to use the goggles. She only wants them because she sees the other kids have them. Brooke was totally ready to swim while we were there today. She took her socks and shoes off when we weren't looking and said "Brooke swim, Brooke swim" and had a mini melt down when Dad tried to put her socks and shoes back on her. Lindsay has been wearing her goggles all over the house since we got home, as you can see from the fog! We would really like to get Brooke lessons too. But maybe next year. It is just too expensive for both right girls right now.

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Anonymous said...

Her mommy was swimming at Brooke's age! Lindsay will do great!