Monday, April 27, 2009

neuro appt today

I was told by my doc today that he was "perplexed". JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR??!! Now I have another round of blood work to go do tomorrow, 2 more MRI's and maybe a spinal tap before it's all over. I may be back at Emory if it gets too over his expertise...NOT the news I wanted today. I have no left leg at this point and my right leg hurts from over compensating.
I borrowed a walker from my FIL tonight but tomorrow I'm off work and trying to go get labs etc. I also had two blood transfusions at Emory so they are checking me for some HTLVantibodies which is highly unlikely! I could be deficient in B12 which is more likely but hey I am perplexing!! So why can't anyone figure out what is going on with me? I may just have to live with it as a result of brain damage...GREAT, that's my rap now...I'm brain damaged.
I never smoked, did drugs or was into any bad stuff as a kid... why now? why this?


Anonymous said...

I love you so much and am keeping you in my daily prayers as always. I wish I could be there to do something to help! Please know I am only a phone call away if you or mike need me. Xoxoxo

Kimmie kay

The Smith Family said...

Chris, it's good to hear from you. I have never stopped praying for you and I hope that you are able to find answers soon.

It's unfair that these things happen to such wonderful people.


Lindsey said...

Oh Chris, I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you. It's diffiuclt to realize in the beginning what a long lasting impact something like this will have on you and your family, isn't it? I'm sorry the coming to grips piece of this has to be so difficult, and I'm more sorry that you aren't getting concrete answers from your healthcare providers at this point.

As a therapist, my advice to you is to find a really good neuro based physical and occupational therapist, someone with NDT certification (stands for neuro developmental treatment), which is the gold standard for neurological evidence based treatment techniques. They can help you with the hemi plegia going on in your leg, even if no one knows why it is happening and help you prevent injury.

I wish you had your year back, too. I'm so sorry you had the ride you did.

Andrea said...

I'm soooo sorry Chris. I too have had a setback recently (although I hope its minor). I know how frustrating it is to just want to be all better again!

(((Hugs))) and Prayers coming your way...

melanie said...


I know that you know this but our ways are not God's way and our understanding is not his. His ways are so much higher than ours. I am so sad to hear that you are continuing to stuggle. But just know that you are still in my prayers everyday!!!

Me. said...

Chris, So good to "hear" your voice. I am sorry you are going through this. I wish I had magic words to make you feel better. You are a strong, amazing woman. I am praying for you! Never stopped!

D Squared aka Double D said...

Chris, even though we might not talk frequently I AM thinking about you and the fam and praying everything gets better and back to normal soon. Heavens'I wish I was closer to help