Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun with Lindsay

Tonight Mike and I headed to his parents for dinner and a visit with Lindsay. We brought the dress I bought her MONTHS ago that she is supposed to wear to Brooke's Baptism. WOOHOO...it fits her and so do her shoes (barely)! The other good news is my MIL had Brooke the other day and they tried her in the Baptism gown and said she fits just fine! So I'm much happier about those two issues. (Since I'm such a planner and all that...)

Lindsay loved trying on her dress and of course wanted to wear it to the dinner table! NOT!

The whole ensemble

She really liked her dress and twirled for us and did not want to take it off. We had an interesting conversation about what Brooke's Baptism was but she mostly caught the fact that we'd be having cake at church afterward and pretty much was stuck in that mode for the rest of the conversation.Here is Lindsay looking at her own picture in our church directory. She's really liking mom's helmet...now she wants the chin strap buttoned every time.
" Can you believe mom has to wear this thing out in public??"

Linds was a total chatter box tonight. She has complete conversations now and there is no misunderstanding if you're around her just a little while. Aunt Patti called tonight and Lindsay asked her (unprompted) if she was coming to pick her up. She said "Are you coming to get me, Aunt Patti" and Pat said "Oh yes, I'm coming to get you soon" and Lindsay got so excited she ran and put her book away and ran back to the phone and said "I'm ready Aunt Pat, come get me" She was so excited. It was adorable. She's ready for a trip to visit with Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve BIG TIME! Not that she's not spoiled rotten at her grandparents house. She had another great visit mostly on my lap tonight and still did not cry when we had to leave. She blew kisses and waved bye bye to us and was just fine. She told me again tonight "I wanna come home with you mommy" and I told her "you will soon"! Just not sure how soon we'll be ready for both girls to be home. Mike is still recovering and moving slow at times. I'm getting stronger each day and I'm seeing such progress in my body strength. This weekend I discovered that I can squat down, sit on the floor and get up by myself now without holding on to something for balance or assistance. I couldn't do that last week in Physical therapy. I showed off on that today at my rehab appt too. It was great! I've gained back 12 pounds of the weight I lost (sort of bummed by that in a small way) though my therapist told me "of course you're going to gain back some weight as you put back on muscle". So that is my story...it's ALL muscle now! LOL! Too bad you can't lose weight that fast and just keep it off no matter what. I guess that only works in HOLLYWOOD...

At any rate I'm completely enamored by my 27 month old daughter and I am missing the heck out of my baby Brooke who I'm not going to see for two more days. This has got to be the hardest thing I've ever endured being away from my girls that I've wanted since I was a girl myself. Mike keeps telling me that it's what we need to do now and it will all be worth it in the end. I'll have them for the rest of my life which thankfully has been extended by a miracle and a reason I've yet to discover!


Anonymous said...

pretty cute!

so glad the dress...BOTH DRESSES...fit the girls! i know you feel so much better about that!

talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

SO happy to hear about the dresses.

Listen to Mike he is a very smart guy!!!!