Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hello all-

Yesterday I woke up with pain on my right side just under my ribs and went to the doctor around 3 p.m. Turns out he scheduled me to have a right upper quadrant ultrasound today b/c he thought maybe I had gallstones from the rapid weight loss I experienced. I didn't fess up about this last night on the blog because I didn't want to get everyone back in drama mode over me, sorry! Well, at 5 a.m. this morning I woke up in worse pain and rather than ignore it (as I did the pre aneurysm headache) I had Mike drive me to the ER at NSH. Turns out my doc was right and I DO have Gallstones. SERIOUSLY! The wonderful Hollywood weight loss I've been smacking about since I got home bit me in the side! Apparently they don't do anything when you have stones other than send you home with percocet and see how you do. I go back to my internist next week and we'll discuss how I'm doing. If the pain eases up (on my new low fat diet) I may go on with no other issues. If the stones tend to plague me I may end up having to find a general surgeon, to add to my list of surgeons, to remove my gallbladder. NO JOKE. I'm telling you all if I HAVE to have it done I want it done this year!! Of course we've already met our out of pocket for the year and why carry over this medical crap into 2009?? I swear I feel like a hypochondriac at this point on the blog.

I'm doing ok this evening but I've only had liquids and some yogurt since the ER. I've been having a little twinge here and there of pain but not as bad as this morning. I'm really praying that since I'm leveling off and putting some weight back on maybe the stones will be quiet in there and not cause me more grief. I was slightly freaking out in the ER today when they gave me the IV pain meds. I wasn't sure how they were going to make my head feel etc. I did ok with it. Mostly I was just paranoid and trying not to have a panic attack about being hospitalized again! It was great to see some of my co workers though. Word travels fast, several people came to see me today and it was so nice to see people I knew when I was stressed out waiting for results. At Emory I didn't know anyone and it felt so foreign to be in that boat even though everyone there was phenominally nice to me.

So there you have it...more drama in the house of Bresnan! To all my powered prayer people out there please send up something that keeps me from adding another surgery to my list!!
Thank you sooooooooo much!


MBKimmy said...
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MBKimmy said...

OMG Chris when is it going to end?! I posted the comment above but then decided It was no good .. haha
I am praying for you and I know it wont make you feel any better, but I had mine yaken out the year I was married (04) and it was a pc of cake ... I will be praying you get all of the stones out on your own and NO MORE Hospital time is needed! Love you lots and you will be well soon and just think then you wont know what to do with yourself and your time! hahah

Anonymous said...

holy cow! when will it end? at least you won't have to pay out of pocket for the surgery...if you need it...which (fingers crossed) you won't!

man, oh man!

more prayers & good thoughts headed your way!

Anonymous said...

We will be lifting up prayers for fast and speed recovery. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. ((((HUGS))))

Heather said...

Oh, Chris! You are having a when it rains it pours couple of months. Like, MBKimmy, I had mine out a couple of years ago & it was not a huge deal. But after all you & Mike have been through so far there's no such thing! I'll keep on praying for the Bresnans.

Andrea said...

Sheesh! I am SOOOOOOO sorry Chris. Storming heaven with prayers!

Kimmie Kay said...

I had everyone at church in bible study pray for you tonight...hang in there! Glad we got to talk today.

Katy S. said...

Bless your heart girl. Keep your head up!! YOu have a huge team behind you!

Anonymous said... 2009 here yet???!!!!!Hang in there and enjoy the pain meds :)

The Smith Family said...

I thought things only happen in 3's! And I think you are working on #5 between you and Mike the past few months. I'm so sorry. I am sending prayers to the man upstairs for you. Hopefully it's a one time incident and it won't bother you anymore.


Me. said...

I bet you are aching for a boring, normal life right now, huh?! :) You'll get it soon! It's amazing all of the stuff that has happened this year - You need to write a book. HA! Maybe that's what you could do when you are BORED when everything settles down. :)