Friday, August 1, 2008

Silly Sisters- Hanging out around the house

Having a Blast on the zebra!

Check out our matching dresses! Brooke is not enjoying her sister time!
Lindsay deals pretty well when her baby sister cries!
Lindsay gives Brooke a big kiss! Look at Brooke's face...hysterical!


MBKimmy said...

Love Love Love all the pictures! Love them! Great post ... I am getting nervous only 10 days ... OMG ... i will be calling you this weekend!
love ya

Andrea said...

Super cute matching dresses!

I have to tell you that the post below rings true for us too. Jason always makes the same comment about the saying "sleeping like a baby". I guess what people should say is "napping like a baby" since once they are out, they are out cold...for a little while at least!