Friday, July 4, 2008

MAMA DRAMA- False alarm yesterday!!

Well, I got admitted yesterday...for all of four hours. Oh well. I wasn't ready yesterday anyway. I really wanted to get through this Sunday. I'll be 38 weeks and I can handle that.

So, I'm having lunch with a friend in the atrium of the women's center (I work at the hospital).
I had a quarter of a coca cola because I was dying for some caffeine and my lunch was some leftover pasta and a small Tupperware of watermelon. We ate and then walked out to the parking lot to get something from my car. When we came back in I was winded a bit but not bad. Another friend came up and asked to feel my belly. I allowed her to do that but when she did she was pressing hard. It was like she was trying to grab a baby body part and all of a sudden I had a hard contraction and shortness of breath. I told her to stop a second and the next thing I knew I was having heart palpitations. My heart was racing hard and it felt like it was stuck. I sat down and waited for it to stop. It did not. Last time I had this happen to me it was around 13 weeks and my boss had me put my head between my legs and breathe. It worked. Well, I can't put my head between my legs now...there's a huge belly in the way. LOL.
So, we went up to L&D to ask a nurse to check my blood pressure. I was certain that it must be out of whack as I just had a "check" at my appt on Monday and I don't think that my friend put me in labor by touching the belly. (However, if she had she would be in HIGH DEMAND around town tonight!)

L&D nurse freaked out and admitted me once I said I was 37.5 weeks. I start to cry b/c I just wanted her to check my damn blood pressure and I wanted to go back to work. Now I'm in a panic and my heart is still racing and I can barely talk. My friend Christi was awesome. She somehow stayed calm herself, tried to calm me and managed to give all my info to the registration lady and got me admitted in less than five minutes.

Once I got to a room and I was able to lay on my side the heart racing began to slow. THANKFULLY! My blood pressure was actually low...which I found out can cause the heart racing. My OB ordered lab work and came over pretty quickly to see me. Best we can tell one of two things caused this to happen. Either baby girl got her self nestled on some nerve that caused all this and she moved when I finally laid down on my side. Or the caffeine combined with the sugar in the coke and the watermelon sent me into this episode. I have no idea but no more caffeine for me til after the baby is born!
If it happens again I'm to call or go back to the hospital and I'll get checked out by a cardiologist.

Basically I got sent home to rest and I stayed home today as well. I'm scheduled to work Mon-Wed next week but we'll see what happens. I probably should have just called this week my last week from the beginning. Who knew all the stress that was going to come our way during this pregnancy? I have a nice long weekend and I am no longer driving anywhere by myself by order of my husband. Would hate to have an episode like that in the car. Not to mention I've been driving around town having contractions for two weeks now. So next week I can probably handle three days with door to door service and no traffic to fight.

I'll update on Mike's appt tomorrow. We're heading to bed so we can get up early tomorrow. We've got Lindsay's new bed being delivered in the morning and we're planning on some fireworks tomorrow with friends and family if we're up for it (we being Mike and I).

Time to ice the ankles!!!


Heather said...

That's super scary, I hope the rest of the weekend goes alright.

I know how those work plans can change - I ended up coming home 4 days earlier than planned with Laney because I was worn out. Good thing too, she was born 7 days early.

Me. said...

GOOD LORD. You are so close! Where did the time go?

Tara said...

Glad you are doing well. Have fun today, Happy 4th.

The Smith Family said...

WOW, your day was pretty crazy. I'm glad everything is alright. It seems strange that a little bit of caffeine and watermelon would put you into such a shock. Maybe your little girl was just wanting you to know who is boss! Stay rested the 11th is only a week a way for you.

I'll check back on Tuesday, we both have appointments then maybe one of us will get good news!

Happy 4th of July and enjoy the fireworks. They were canceled where I live last night because of the rain so we are going to try to go to a nearby town to watch them tonight. It's still raining, I hope it stops.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Glad to hear that all is well. I also had an episode at work when I was pregnant with Luke. I was only 30-32 weeks. We had ordered pizza and I had a coke with my lunch. About 15 minutes later I was dizzy, breathing hard, and my stomach was cramping like crazy. I did not get admitted but my boss had to drive me home. How embarrassing. Not to mention 2 seconds before I got in her car I puked in the parking lot!!! Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Caitlin said...

What a stressful 3rd trimester you have had! It will be worth it when you hold your baby though. Glad to hear you are well. Happy 4th of July!

Erin Kathleen said...

Glad everyone is doing ok. Take it easy. Your little girl will be here before you know it (and before you're ready). I know mine was!!