Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th Of July 2008! Lake Acworth Concert

Lil' Miss Independence
Lindsay was keeper of the pringles...(a belly shot for you almost 38 weeks)
Having a potato chip moment with dad.
The band was great. Lindsay dances to SHOUT!
Loving the song...
...a little bit softer now...yep she's ready for college!
Blowing bubbles with daddy & baby sister...yep that white bump is my belly in the picture! LOL!
Happy 4th! Our family 2008

The Bresnan's 2007 (What a change!)
Dance sequence #2- dancing with Daddy

Watching the fireworks with mommy!

Lindsay clapped and cheered again this year. So far she LOVES fireworks!
Look Mom! I see PURPLE ones!
Flashback '07 Linds loved the fireworks last year too!
Lindsay was very happy with her glow in the dark bracelet! Look at that smile!
Last night was fabulous! We decided that since I'm due anytime now and Mike is still recovering that we would take it easy and go late and go light! We arrived at the park at 7:30 just in time for the band we like that started at 8. We brought just enough food and stuff that we could easily carry everything. Since Mike is a member of the Acworth Business Association he is able to get us a parking pass every year. This year we not only had the parking pass but we had some very nice people with the ABA looking out for us. They saved us a spot right near the grass and we only had to walk a very short walk from our car to our table. It was SO nice! Lindsay was such a good girl too. She walked in and walked out last night. We had her in her pj's when we left and she was out like a light by the time we pulled into the driveway. Not to mention the weather was perfect! By the time we got there it was overcast and breezy but it never rained. It was so nice and cool the whole time which was perfect for me!!
The best part of the night for me was just having such a nice family time. We haven't done much as a family since before Memorial weekend and all the medical stuff. I'm really thankful we were all feeling up to celebrating the fourth! Fireworks are a MUST for me and now Lindsay really enjoys them too. She hasn't stopped talking about them!
Happy 4th from our family to yours! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'm enjoying my LAST weekend PREGNANT! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Go Lindsay!!!! Great Photos. See you soon. love, Pat & Steve

Melanie said...

Lindsay looks like she had the time of her life! I swear she is the cutest thing ever and always looks so happy. I am glad that after everything you guys were able to enjoy one last nice family of 3 outting!

Angela said...

Looks like you guys have recovered nicely from your last scare!!! Hang in there! In just a few days a family of three will become four. I am so excited for you guys. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had gone! Ya'll look like you had a great time!
Love, Donna