Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Family of 3 Soon to be 4!

Hey ya'll...I'm heading to bed and WAY tired. Woke up at 6a.m. this morning and could not sleep. Lindsay slept til 8 so it wasn't her! I've been going all day. Hit the grocery store for a few items, made a lasagna for dinner got my hair cut and name it. Can you say NESTING???

Anyway, we had a nice dinner tonight with Mike's parents and my sis Kim from Orlando is here! She suprised us and is staying at our place this weekend to be here for the birth. SO COOL! So I have a couple of blogger back ups to post some pics for me. Kim is bringing her laptop to the hospital so she'll probably get you guys the hot first pics ASAP! My BIL Dave will also be able to blog for me some this weekend.

Here is the link to KIM so you can check her out too. I'm sure she'll have lots more pics on her blog by the time she gets home on Sunday night or Monday and I'll still be in the hospital so you'll have to check there too.

Lindsay is SO ready. She loved that "little sister's" car seat was next to hers in the car today. I really think she's ready to be the BIG SIS! It was hard letting her go back to her grandparents tonight. She's just at that age and partially due to all the back and forth as of late that the transitions are just terrible. I cried so hard after she left. But, she's always fine five minutes down the road and Mike's parents called us immediately to tell us that she was already calmed and watching for the green lights. I'll be so glad when we can all be home together most of the time and going to visit a relative is a TREAT again. However, I'm so grateful for all of the extra special time she's been getting with her different relatives. I know it's good for her and everyone loves her so much. She's truly spoiled rotten. I guess it's just harder on mommy these days.

Surgery is at 8:30 so hopefully we'll have an update for you blogger buds in the afternoon.

Thanks for all your comments, emails and prayers!! We're very excited!!!

The Bresnan's


Caron said...

Yeaaaa!!! You made it! I'll be praying for you all! I can't wait to see her!!

Me. said...

I'll be thinking about you all day and watching anxiously for an update!!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting on pics....I thought about you all morning this morning.

MBKimmy said...

Thanks for the call ... I was looking for pics at Kim ... but not yet ... i will call you in the am! love you all!

Anonymous said...

congratulations, you guys! i e-mailed kim to ask if baby girl was here yet & she said that yes, she was & everything looked good! can't wait to hear what you named her! love you!!!!