Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some Happy Stuff & quick update

Daddy came home from the hospital yesterday! Aunt Patti is staying with us and helping with Daddy. Lindsay and I went to kiddie kandids today to do a birthday photo shoot while Daddy rested. Here are some pictures from our evening once Lindsay and I got up from a nap. Once it cooled down outside a little Lindsay wanted to take her baby for a walk.
This picture is proof that I think she "gets it". She told me she put big sister and little sister in the stroller together.
Blowing bubbles with Cousin Donna! Thanks Donna and Aaron for coming by for a visit.
Lindsay had her first visit from the ice cream truck today! Aunt Donna and Mommy bought everyone an ice cream. Lindsay had a crayola scribbler Popsicle and as you can see here she throughly enjoyed it!
Today is Aunt Helen's Birthday so we wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT HELEN! See you soon!
I promise to sit down and do a recount of what all started this mess with Mike but for now here is another update.
He got discharged yesterday afternoon. He can't drive til he sees his vascular surgeon in two weeks and gets cleared (and gets the staples out...yuck). The following week he'll see the urologist again and a week or so after that he gets to repeat the kidney function test to see if there is any improved function on the left. That's the bummer right now. The function test was not so good Thursday. Right now his left kidney is only showing 5% function. Not the news we hoped to hear. The surgeon told us that is was always a possibility that he would have the surgery and it still would not work. However, we are trying to remain optimistic that it may improve some over time. We are also asking for your prayers that the mass on his right kidney is benign and the worst case scenario is still not ahead of us. Mike will definitely have another surgery to remove the mass in 8-12 weeks. That will be good as I should be 3 weeks post c-section at that point. I will be cleared to drive and should be doing pretty well physically. So hopefully we won't end up in a situation where we both are on lifting and driving restrictions.
Baby girl's birthday is slated for July 11~

Stay tuned for photo shoot pics and a fill in the blanks post about Mike tomorrow.
Thanks again to all of you!! Please keep praying for us and thinking good thoughts about that right kidney!
Good night from the Bresnan's!


Kimmie Kay said...

As always, I am keeping Mike and all of you in my prayers! Can't wait to get up there again and meet baby in August. Looking forward to the seeing the pics from the photo shoot too. Lindsay looks adorable blowing her bubbles...I miss her, so please give her a kiss from Aunt Kimmie! XOXO

P.S. I did a quick post today finally, so spread the word to check back this week at my site as I hope to get caught up while the kids are gone. I put up a poll too!

Oh and Happy Birthday Helen too! :)

Tara said...

I'm glad to see that Mike made it home. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Happy Birthday, Helen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear that Mike is at home and to see some pics of Miss Linds. I know that you guys missed her awful! I can't wait to see the pics she had made!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sending good thoughts, prayers, hugs and lots of love your way, girl.

Glad Mike is home.

and I love the pictures! what a cutie that Lindsay is!

MBKimmy said...

As always ALL OF YOU are in my prayers - I know he is about to go nuts being at home ... I was ... I wanted back in the swing of things way before my body was ready - I was ready (in my mind) but not my body!

Hang in there and USE and ABUSE all the help you can get :)

Andrea said...

Welcome home Mike! Those stroller pics are just precious!