Monday, June 9, 2008

Lindsay's 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot

Click HERE to compare last year's birthday picture. Also click on picture above to enlarge a bit if you'd like.
Here is the collage I chose for my free 8X10 for her birthday shoot. I bought several of the one of her with the blocks and the one to the right up close. Thought the stroller pic was cute for the collage. The scan is off center but you get the idea.
We also did another session that is a little surprise for daddy but you'll have to wait (like him) til Father's Day to see it.
Mike is doing well. He's basically on bed/couch rest and he spent today sleeping and resting while I was at work. He's doing really well considering he can't do much. I know he's going crazy being stuck like this but he also is definitely too scared to over do it. This was scary for all of us (and still is). We can't afford any setbacks this close to baby's due date so he is being a very good patient.
In more Lindsay news....apparently she has pee'd and poo'ed on the potty up at Aunt Patti's today. Aunt Patti was very smart and got Lindsay a potty chair that plays music when she pees. Well, that was all it took. All she wants to do is make the potty chair sing. I tell you my child is going to be completely potty trained between Aunt Patti and Grandmama before we ever get her back home on a regular schedule.
I have to admit I'm a little bummed that I missed the VERY FIRST PEE PEE in the potty. BUT, I do know that the whole potty training thing is a source of angst for most mom's. So, who cares how she gets there and who teaches her right? I am so happy that she's having a blast with all of the extended family that has been helping to take care of her. There is just no way I could manage to take care of Lindsay, Mike and myself full time right now (and still work).
I'm very busy at work this week. I started training my maternity replacement today! She's doing great too. I'm very happy about this because if I had anything else put on me right now that was "difficult" I think I would just snap. I'm definitely feeling like she and I are going to hit it off and I think she will learn quickly and do a good job. I'm much happier about that issue than I was a week ago.
I think that's about it for now. I promise to try and catch up with everyone else. I know I still owe a little more update about the Mike stuff. I'm still trying to get some things done around here as I know I'm slowing down with each week that passes.
Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, food deliveries, our neighbor for mowing our jungle of a yard! We are SO BLESSED!
More soon!


Unknown said...

So absolutely precious! Glad things are going better on your end! You guys are still in my prayers! It won't be long now! Take care of yourself! By the way I would be MORE THAN happy to send Davis to Camp Potty Training! Let me know! :)


MBKimmy said...

wow how much she has grown - I LOVE the new photo - I couldn't see the other pictures - there was no linK?
Still praying for all of you!

Heather said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I am glad Mike is recovering.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks adorable. i love the photos. Oh, our little girl is growing up so fast!! almost 2 already. crazy how it goes by so quickly.

Hope you are doing well, Chris. Thinking and praying for you. :)