Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Making of the BIG GIRL ROOM

Here is the very beginnings of getting Lindsay's new room started. Today I had some serious help from some awesome men in my life! My brother in law Paul, his bro in law and Anthony (Graison's daddy) came over and removed all of my guest room furniture for me. I sold it to a friend of the family and had already offered delivery to her before Mike got sick. So today it is finally gone! For the six years I've lived in this house with Mike I've always used the guest room as "my room". Our closets are small so he and I have never shared the Master. It sounds funny I suppose but for the first time in our married life we are actually sharing dresser and closet space. I guess it's not so bad but I truly can't wait til one day we move and I have a WALK IN closet again! I don't know what they were thinking when they built houses in the seventies. How did a family of four live without closet space???? Anyhow, it's done. I've spent the entire last week purging Mike's wardrobe, (the boy had stuff from the 1980's still hanging in the closet) my wardrobe (finally got rid of all the "goal clothes") and moving stuff from room to room. NOT FUN at 34 weeks prego either but I'm guilty of a little procrastination myself during this pregnancy. A little hindsight would have been a good thing eight months ago.

So don't mind the vaccum but here is a view of one window in the now empty room. Notice the ugly dark wood that will soon be a beautiful, clean, glossy white like what we did in the nursery!

To the left of the above window is this wall and another window. Bags of baby stuff successfully retrieved from the attic today as well (Thanks Anthony!)
Door on the left leads to hall...door on right is door to Lindsay's closet. Not quite as big as the one in the nursery but it will work. Mike hung two bars in the nursery for me and we're going to do the same in this closet as well. Missy & Anthony have graciously given up their weekend next week to come paint. Can't tell you how THRILLED I will be to see some color on the walls and trim next weekend. I already have all my window treatments, bedding etc for her room so once we paint and give the carpet a good steam I'll be ready to order my furniture (which should be in stock at the store but I'm calling this week to verify so there are no surprises). If things keep moving a long we may just have Lindsay moved into her toddler suite right in time for baby! My original plan was to have her moved in for her birthday but we're not that far off schedule considering life's curves. I'll keep you all updated with progress!

Yesterday we got a surprise delivered to the house for Mike! My OB sent this luscious Edible creation as a GET WELL token for Mike! Let me tell you that this picture was it. We started devouring it right after I took the photo. We called her and thanked her immediately after that. She mentioned that they also do chocolate dipped fruit but she didn't pick that as I am to be watching my sugar. LOL! Mike acted like he didn't know that fact (which he did) and I was like "Thanks Dr. for throwing me under the bus!" Like I have cared in the last two weeks about my diet one bit. Besides, I have four weeks left to share the wonders of ice cream and the kick fest that usually follows with the little one! She'll be on her liquid diet of formula and I'll be on mine of protein shakes and salads soon enough. Life is too short man!

Thank you Dr. Soufi!

Thanks again to the guys for all your help this morning! I'm feeling the stress of things slowly melting away! If this baby will just cooperate and wait until her scheduled time to have her birthday we should be A-ok. Besides, she's a Bresnan...if she's anything it will be on time or late. We're never EARLY for anything!


Anonymous said...

OMG! LOL!!! I am laughing so freakin' hard right now! And man, that room looks so different empty! Glad you're less stressed and you finally feel like some progress is being made. We'll get there! Love you, man! MUAH!

Andrea said...

We're never on time either! Can't wait to see next weekend's pics. That fruit salad/basket looks sooo yummy right about now!

Melanie said...

I can't wait to see Linds big girl room! Her nursery was so cute. Edible Creations are the bomb...I love their stuff! Yummy!

I am glad to hear that you got some much needed help and got some stuff done. I know that you must be stressed with everything going on.

Oh and Happy Anniversary!!!

Tara said...

I am glad things are falling into place. Sorry I didn't talk to you much this week. I am feeling the stress now. That was super nice of Dr. Soufi to send that basket. Also, Happy Anniversary. I can't wait to see more pics of Linds room, as it gets completed.

MBKimmy said...

How awesome - your Dr is wonderful ... nice!
Hope the paint is wonderful!

MBKimmy said...
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