Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Part 2

Lindsay got to open her first birthday present since Aunt Agatha and Uncle Paul are going on vacation soon.
She got a collector set of mini Elmo dolls and she LOVES them! Here she is patiently waiting for Uncle Paul to get them all out for her.
Elmo is everywhere!
Adam & Derek were more interested in Cartoon network. It made me chuckle that they were the only two in the family room and yet they shared a chair. Too cute!
Derek practices his POGO. I think he broke his personal best record in front of us!
The obligatory anniversary photo! Mike is looking a little stiff and I'm well...slightly bloated to say the least...heh,heh...
We wanted a picture with Lindsay, who was not really cooperating. Here she was giving her baby sister a sticker. Aunt Helen caught her attention just long enough to get the shot!

All in all I think Mike had a nice Father's Day. I know he was SERIOUSLY ready to get home and back on the couch by the time we left. I'm so glad we were still able to go do the usual celebration with the family. We didn't exactly do anything for our anniversary but I'm just so happy that he was here for another one I don't care. I mean seriously, when I think of all the ways that this kidney thing could have played out...I cringe. Besides, we have all summer once the baby arrives to pick a night and a baby sitter and go out and celebrate!

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow on the latest with Mike and I have one more perinatal visit tomorrow. We'll have 35 week snap shots to post on the blog tomorrow evening!


Me. said...

Stella would EXPLODE if I got her a set of mini-melmos!!! I think you and Mike look fabulous even after all you have been through (and are going through!)

MBKimmy said...

praying for good good news - love to you both!
PS love the picture - you will keep it and everytime you look at it you will KNOW You and MIKE can DO ANYTHING!