Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Part 1

Good Morning Dad! Happy Father's Day! Lindsay has gotten out of bed, put on her beads and shoes and has gift in hand for daddy!
Reading to daddy. A card from Daddy's Girl!
Lindsay discovers mommy's flip flops (AKA-only shoes that fit mommy these days)
Check out those fat feet! This is why we buy stride rite WIDES and XTRA WIDES. She hasn't quite mastered the flip flop yet.
Our next surprise for daddy was Lindsay's shirt.
"Yea, I know...I look just like my Daddy!" Mike LOVED it.
Father's Day 2007 with "I heart Dad" shirt. (Gotta have the comparison shot)

Yes, I'm blog crazy this weekend. It's been great having Lindsay home if only for one night. She's going back to camp Grandma/Grandpa tonight after the family get together. It's been so awesome of his parents and Aunt Patti to keep her through the week for us. I hate only seeing her on the weekends but I do have to say it's MUCH easier on both daddy and mommy right now. Mike can't pick her up at all yet. I am so winded now that it's much easier for us to have the break through the week so I can continue working on the house and being at work. It looks like this will be how things go til we get Mike and I both recovered from surgery. It's a good thing Miss Lindsay is so flexible. Not too mention I think she's getting SPOILED ROTTEN with all of her extended family!

Mike goes on Tuesday to see the surgeon for his two week post op appt. He should be getting his staples out and hopefully will be cleared to drive. He's still pretty tired and sore but each day he seems a little better. I have to get him up to snuff so he's ready for the big birthday party in the OR at NSH! Not to mention pretty soon Mommy will be the one who can't lift or drive! Crazy times....I keep reminding myself we'll look back on all this next year and wonder how we got through it all.

Mike and Lindsay are both napping now and then we're heading to celebrate with the family.
More later!


Heather said...

I love that shirt. I hope Mike had a great Father's Day.

MBKimmy said...

Love it - Glad that all is going well - hope it just gets better

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Father's day Mike! I'm sure he loved Lindsay's shirt. Great idea with the pictures. I'm just curious-what did you write on your belly with...lipstick?

Chris said...

Thanks ya'll.

Andrea- I used Lindsay's bath tub crayons! Worked great and came right off with a baby wipe after!