Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Long awaited Monkey Joe's Pics (3/8/08)

These are pics from Missy's camera! She got some great shots. I still need to put up some of mine when I get around to it. Thanks M for emailing these to me! Peek-a-boo! Just love this shot of Linds!
I See you!!Where's Graison? "I don't know..." This is such classic Lindsay.

Finally loosening up and having some fun. We were VERY scared at first! Graison had a blast jumping around. This was one of her still moments. Check out how long those pony tails are getting!
The girls jumping together!
Just before we left...the girls are all bundled up but they had to ride the elephants!
Taking turns driving and eating popcorn!

Well, no big surprise who's been sick again....ALL OF US...I got a stomach bug late Monday night and was home yesterday sick, sick, sick. Mike thinks he's getting it now and Lindsay has WAIT FOR EAR INFECTION!!!!!!!! Seriously...can we get a break at the Bresnan house? I'm buying stock in Lysol wipes, spray over this! Looks like we're trying out more ear drops and another 10 day course of antibiotics on Miss Lindsay. She goes back to the ENT next Friday and if the tube is not unblocked they have to unblock it. That does not sound fun to me. However, I do think they do it in the office and it isn't another surgery. I think? I'll find out more next week. Poor Linds just can't catch a break with her ears! I sure hope this next baby girl doesn't inherit this issue.
OB appt went well today. It was a quick in and out this time. Good measurements, good heartbeat, good weight gain for mom. I go back in four weeks for the dreaded "sugar test"! Hated drinking that nasty stuff the first time. But, I expect to pass and not have to do the three hour test. I feel for anyone who has to do that. Good excuse to have Mike take me out for steak the night before!! YAY PROTEIN! Now I have to decide where I want to go! :)
Looks like the next appt or the one after will be the big PICK THE BIRTHDAY appt too. We'll see....I can't imagine we'll actually get to schedule it at 26 weeks but she said maybe we will.
My next ultrasound is APRIL 1st so we'll have more pics of the littlest Bresnan soon. We're still mulling over names.
Just in case any of you are looking for Lindsay's Easter photo shoot I mentioned last week. Well, that was a bust. Little did we know she had an ear infection but she just didn't do great and I had a HORRIBLE experience with my photographer at Sears. That is a story for another post but suffice to say I left without spending a dime and got no pictures. I'm thinking we're just going to order more school pictures and take our own pics on Easter Sunday when she's all dolled up. It's not like we don't have a zillion pics of her or anything. Besides, that will give me more money to save for the big 2 year birthday photo shoot in June. Plus, I'm hoping to do some belly shots with Lindsay at that time too. I think I'll just save the moola this go around.

Ok, so you got a wordy update too. Hope everyone else is having a good week. More pics soon!


Anonymous said...

oh, i hate that you all got sick again! feel better soon, chris!

Love the Monkey Joe's pics!! too fun!! gotta take my joe there!!

Tara said...

I hope you feel better soon. I love all of the pictures.

Angela said...

The pictures are great.
I am sorry that you guys are sick again. We also have ear infections (Luke and Alex) going around this week. Luke also has a strep infection on his cheek. I have no idea where that came from. Oh well. hope you feel better soon!

Andrea said...

That first pic is to die for!

Soooo sorry y'all all got sick again. Spring and Summer can't come fast enough, huh?

I actually scheduled my c-section at my last visit--it felt so weird picking out Wesley's birthday considering I waited an extra week for David to be born!

My glucose test is next week...I am hoping it goes well. I've been eating waaaay too much chocolate lately!

Chris said...

Thanks guys! Do tell Andrea....what's the date??
Good luck on the glucose test.

Angela- hope Luke and Alex feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Most welcome - we had SUCH a blast! Um...yeah...the three-hour test was a joy - not! I warn everyone I know carbs the night before - strictly meat and green veggies! LUV YA!

MBKimmy said...

hope you feel better soon! Tatum finally got a tooth but wont let me take a picture! We did great with our triple screen test and I am glad that is over ... next for us is sugar too ... YUCK!!
Get to feelign better! PS Love the first pic!

Katy S. said...

I just got over that tummy bug! Man does it travel far. I was miserable for 3 days!!

Caron said...

Girl, that settles it... you just need to come up here and let me take her pictures! If you're ever up for a road trip let me know... we can do your maternity pictures, 2 year pictures, easter make-up pictures... whatever you want! And I'll try my best not to make you mad, too ;)

Oh, and I hear ya on the stomach bug!!! I tell you that crap was the WORST!! The kids threw up constantly! Wyatt got it first, then Allie a few days later, then Michael got a different puke-free, more flu-like version of it. Fortunately Allie batted 1000 and I didn't have one mess to clean up! I was major impressed! She was the master of the trashcan that day! Wyatt however was a different story. He threw up one day 8 or 9 times, then he was fine for a day and a half, and then Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night he had relapses in the middle of the night. I was so sick of changing nasty, smelly sheets!!! Oh well... we all seem to be doing well for now. I hope y'all get over it soon!!!