Thursday, March 20, 2008

21 Months Today

I can hardly believe in just THREE short months Lindsay will be TWO!!

This is Lindsay one year ago. We were at the mall to see the Easter Bunny!

Here we are this past Sunday in her Easter finest. She boycotted pictures and although she TALKED about the Easter Bunny ALL DAY...she refused to see him once we got there!

My tired bunny! Check out her very cool Bunny Ears from her cousin Donna! Thanks Donna, she LOVES to wear them!!

My fave bunny ears pic from last goodness how she has changed!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


Katy S. said...

So cute Chris. She is so cute in that dress.

Anonymous said...

Awww, the difference a year makes.....they grow up too fast!! Linds looks beautiful in her Easter dress. What a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

oh, how i love this kid!! her expressions always make me smile, chris! what a cutie miss lindsay is! Hope the Easter bunny brings her lots of good things!! :)

Andrea said...

My how she's grown! I remember seeing that last pic last year!

Tara said...

I love the dress! Great find! The ears are the best.

Anonymous said...

She looks so different in just a year! WOW! I'm so glad I got the ears, they look great on her! She's so beautiful! OXOX Donna