Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Drop + First Haircut = BIG DAY!!

Early this morning the park by our house sponsored an Easter Egg DROP...never heard of that before? Well, the Easter Bunny HIMSELF drops eggs from a helicopter down onto the field. After several successful passes the gates are opened and the kids flood the field to pick up eggs. Here you see Lindsay waiting patiently with Daddy for the helicopter to come.
Mommy & Lindsay take a photo op!
Here comes the Easter Bunny...look closely...
Lindsay loved waiving to the bunny way up high. She also clapped and cheered when the eggs would drop. Too cute!
Here you can see the eggs falling from the sky.
Lindsay jumped right in. No problem. I guess one Easter egg hunt at school and she knew just what to do.

Hurry! Find more CHOCOLATE!
Sorting through the loot looking for chocolate.
I'm ready...bring on more eggs! Her shirt says "Bad Hare Day". One of my consignment scores! She loves her "Easter Bunny Shirt" and she will tell you so!
Thanks Easter Bunny! We have figured out the art of getting what we want! For the first year the egg drop went ok. It was a bit unorganized as far as getting the kids divided up by age. Some of the older kids were pretty disappointed they didn't get a lot of eggs. We took all of Lindsay's bubble gum and hard candy and gave it away to the bigger kids we saw. I guess they did not expect the turn out they got. 20,000 eggs did not go far. Next year they're saying they will do it on a high school football field and drop 50 or 100,000 eggs! Pretty cool. It was a nice day and we were able to just walk over to the park and walk home so we didn't have to fight the traffic at the very least! That was NICE! So after the Egg Drop we went to lunch at our local BBQ place (a mommy craving) and then went and got Lindsay her FIRST HAIRCUT!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Exhibit A: Last time to see the crazy bangs in her eyes! She really needed this!

Check out the look on Mike's face. This is the death stare to me saying "I TOLD you I didn't want any length cut off!!" The hairdresser was just "evening it up a bit" she barely cut any length. TRUST me, I was watching!
The place was cute. They had a race car and a pony to sit on but Lindsay was too nervous. Daddy's lap was the safest! So Daddy and Lindsay both got capes and off we went!
What a BIG girl!! We cut in some bangs but there is still plenty enough to put in Lindsay's classic pony tail look! Only now her fringe bangs will be ABOVE her eyes instead of in them! Mommy is very happy that now, if we want, we can just brush hair and go. We don't HAVE to HAVE a pony tail or bow in our hair to see! YAY!!! Daddy's getting over it slowly.
Here we all are with Lindsay's First Haircut Certificate which includes a little pouch with a lock of those pesky bangs!!!
YAY!! Another Milestone!! Don't worry Daddy you have another little girl on the way to grow long, luxurious locks of hair!!


Tara said...

I'm glad the egg hunt went well. Congrats to Lindsay on her first haircut. While I look at your pictures I keep thinking that Evan needs another one.

The Partins said...

So cute! Daryl will be the same way with Jamie's hair I bet... LONG LONG LONG! :-)

MBKimmy said...

Her hair really looks great! I like it cut! Clean and cut!

Love the egg drop that is awesome! The pictures are great!
Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

She looks sooo... cute with bangs! Now she can see. Yay! Happy Easter! Donna :)

Angela said...

Wow! What a weekend. The egg hunt idea was great. She looked so cute in her ears. Love the new haircut.

Anonymous said...

HOw cool with the helicopter dropping eggs!! you got great pictures as always, my dear!!

Love the first haircut too!!

Hope you all had a great easter!

Anonymous said...

Coolshots of the eggs dropping. She does look like an egg hunt pro! Love the certificate for the hair! LOL! CUTE new Do Linds!

Heather said...

Glad the egg drop went well and yeah for the haircut. Hope you had a happy Easter.

Bethany said...

Oh, I'm so jealous that Lindsay's hair is longer than Olivia's. I have little girl hair envy!! She looked too cute in her Easter shirt...and my whole family was talking about that egg drop, but I had no idea what they were talking about until I read your blog!! Hope you all are doing well. And by the way, I loved the story about the lady in Publix that you left on Caron's blog. I was laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all I am dying at Mike's death glare! What is it with daddy's and their little girls hair??? Too funny. I LOVE Miss Lindsay's new do!!! Looks like she had a blast at the egg hunt. Hope that you guys had a great Easter!!!

Caron said...

Uh, hello?!?!? I hear ya, Bethany on the hair envy!!! I'm still wondering hat's up with Allie's!!!

Looks like you all had tons of fun! Glad Linds was so good for the haircut, and the egg drop looked awesome!!!

The Smith Family said...

It looks like you had a great time egg hunting. She looks so cute in her little pink bunny ears! Next year you'll have two little girls to get all dressed up in their best. :-)