Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008 with a little Rant...

Linds was in bed this New Year's eve by 9:00. We were sickies this year so she didn't get to ring the new year in like she did last year! Since we weren't official bloggers I decided to put up some pics from last New Year's eve.
Should we be worried???

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! I was sure glad to see 2008 get here! The last two days I've stayed home sick again. Mike forced me to the doctor yesterday and the doc tells me that I must have a bacterial sinus infection because I shouldn't have had this sinus stuff for more than ten days. DUDE, that info would have been good last time you saw me WEEKS AGO! I have just been suffering assuming that there was nothing else they could do for me since I'm preggers. Ok, so now we're on a high dose amoxciclian and a 50 freakin dollar (no joke) nasal spray and some mucinex D. In 24 hours I already feel light years better. It took two days of naps and rest to get here but I'm going to lay low this weekend and hope I finally kick this bug! I literally have been sick five weeks now. I'd have a good day here and there and then flat on my back again. Here's hoping this is finally the end of it and this weekend marks the END OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER!! Woohoo! I remember feeling so good my second trimester with Lindsay. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the gym and getting the energy to start purging my house and making room for baby!
I know I told several of you we would have an ultrasound picture this week but that's not happening. Here's my second rant. We skipped week ten due to the holidays and the fact that everything has been going well with the baby. So this week was to be our final appt with the specialist and next Tuesday I go see my regular OB for the first time. Well, my health insurance changed this year and get specialist is considered OUT OF NETWORK. Seriously? The main practice is a stones throw from the hospital I work at? I've NEVER in ten years at NSH had a doctor in my area be considered out of network. I would have had to pay 490$ out of pocket to have a consult, blood work & ultrasound. Obviously, we weren't going to do that. Since this was my final appt and I have another one scheduled next week with my OB we said our goodbye's to everyone and left. Total disappointment too! I was really ready for that ultrasound since it's been two weeks since we've seen the baby. I know I'm spoiled getting ultrasounds so frequently but your mind starts to play games after a while too. It's so much easier to feel better about things once you feel the baby moving everyday. I'm sure nothing is wrong it just would have been nice to see the little one again. I absolutely can't believe that my new insurance (which is supposed to be so much better than my previous) has already screwed me over on the 2nd day of the new year! Shame on me for not checking on it before last week so we could have gone to one more appt before the 31st. Live and learn I suppose. Thankfully, my OB is on my insurance and I'm not having to look for a different doctor to deliver me. That would really be upsetting. Just gotta love healthcare!
Anyway, next week we'll get an ultrasound in the OB office although her machine is no where near the picture quality of the other office. Then we get to go to Perinatal over at the hospital the week or so after that for another test. It's a test they do when you're over 35 where they do blood work and ultraound and measure the thickness of the back of the baby's neck. We had this done with Lindsay as well and it's pretty easy. As long as the numbers look good then they won't reccomend an amnio. So we'll have some new photos and updates for the blog soon.
As far as Lindsay is concerned, she is still high on her Barney fixation. I netflixed a couple of new Barney Dvd's to see which ones we might want to own. I guess we're going to be loving the purple dinosaur for a while. Although, this morning she was very happy to see ELMO again so maybe we can alternate a bit and not have Barney overload in our house.
It seems she is talking more and more every day. Her first more than two or three word sentence was "Where did Barney GO?" Mike and I both freaked when she said it because it wasn't baby talk. It was CLEAR as a bell and for a second she was 10 years old! WOW.
Ok, time to wrap it up and get the girl herself! Have a great weekend everyone!


The Partins said...

Yay for the first 4 word sentence!!! How funny that it is about Barney. ha-ha. so cute!

Can't wait to see the U.S. pics of #2!

Anonymous said...

I am glad the new meds are kicking in.. bummer about the insurance...they are tricky like that! yeah BARNEY! LOL! have a good weekend!!

Heather said...

Insurance sucks. Four months later & we're still dealing with some craziness from Rob's switchover.

Anyhoo - Yeah for the 2nd trimester! I hope it is a vast improvement & I am sure your little one is doing good, but I understand the worries. Looking forward to more ultrasound pics.

Anonymous said...

girl- i could go off about insurance. i'll spare you. but i feel ya, chris. i do.

Lindsay is so darn cute! i LOVE these pictures!!!

Happy 2ns trimester to you!!