Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ultrasound pics from 1/14 & Update

Top LT photo is profile. Top Rt is Baby smiling for the camera!
2nd Row LT baby looking at camera and waving...see the hand just under the chin???
2nd Row Rt full body shot baby looking at camera. :)

Finally, here are the pics from Monday. Poor baby number 2 got preempted by Lindsay already. That's ok, I'm sure this baby will hold his/her own against the first born once it gets here! Ha!ha!

Well folks we're heading to Orlando this weekend! Very excited to be dodging a potential ice storm??? Heading down to see friends, family and MICKEY MOUSE!

The first part we're staying with Blogger Sis Kim's family and catching up with the Orlando friends and family crew! Monday and Tuesday Mike has a limo convention at Disney. Click HERE to see the show link. We're staying at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I decided to go along with Mike since it was in Orlando and AT Disney. I've never stayed at a Disney resort. When you grow up in Orlando you don't STAY at Disney. You drive there at the crack of dawn, play all day and sleep in the car all the way home! We had no intentions of taking Lindsay to see Mickey this soon but since we're gonna be there and all....why not? Plus, she still gets in free and we get discount convention tix. Good deal all the way around. I'm just a little bummed that I can't ride some of my fave stuff but hey...that's the least of my worries. I don't think Baby on the way (or Lindsay for that matter) is ready for Space Mountain! HA!

So we'll have LOTS of great pictures for you come the end of next week. I don't think I'll be available to blog while I'm gone.

Any messages for Mickey anyone??? SEE YOU REAL SOON!


Andrea said...

The U/S pics are great! It was just my luck that at my 12 wk appt the machine ran out of printer paper! I only got one and it ain't so good. That's just my luck : (

Your trip sounds like so much fun! Would you believe I've never been to Disney world? One of these days I'm gonna get there ; )

Oh and one last thing-when I was at kidsignments in August I noticed that pregnant women get to skip waiting in line and go right to the front!

Chris said...

OMG Andrea you must go to Disney! WOW, I've been there more times than I can count. Of course I grew up with it in my backyard. David will definitely be ready in a year or two! I am sure Linds will be afraid of a lot of it this trip. I want to take her back when she's four or five. It's a lot of fun to go with small kids and live it through them. We went in 2004 with my nephews Derek & Adam who adorn this blog plenty! It was so much fun to share that with them.

I did notice that about the sale last time. They were good about pulling people with only a few items and the really prego ladies. I don't think I'll be far enough along to qualify but you never know. I won't ask for special treatment but if someone grabs me I'll surely take them up on it!

Sorry about your US pic. That really stinks. I would remind them of that at your next visit and see if they'll give you another scan!

Anonymous said...

I am sure with you on the skipping snow to see Mickey! I am sure that Morgan would love to tell Mickey & Minnie that she is by far their biggest fan. I hope that we are going to see lots and lots of pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Disney. Have a great trip. We are leaving March 5th with our crew and I can not wait.