Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Obsessions & Chair Envy

Lindsay is enthralled with BARNEY. We know she's seen some Barney before but not much. She got two DVD's for Christmas and we watched both of them last night. She dances, claps hands, stands at the tv with her arms up for Barney to "get her". It's hysterical.
We told her to give Barney a hug and this is her hugging the tv. Guess we'll be watching a lot more Barney in the days to come.
Look who couldn't wait to try out the newest piece of furniture in the house!


Andrea said...

I have to say that steering wheel toy (from the previous post) that fits around the car seat is genius!

That's so cute how Lindsay puts her hands up for Barney to pick her up!

Anonymous said...

oh, girl, i hate that purple freak. and in time you will too depending on how long lindsay's obsession with Barney lasts. for some it' s a little fix and they're done with him. for others, the addiction is much longer. joe used to love him. he needed his barney hit everyday from 18mos-2years. i was fine with it at first, but after awhile i wanted to open a can of whoop ass on that deranged dino and his dorky little friends.

haha! anyways, that's my little Barney rant for ya!!

Hope you are feeling great, Chris. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Caron said...

Perfect timing Chris! Allie finally started to like TV right when I found out I was PG with Wyatt! And it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. In fact, her addiction started the week my terrible MS set in... week 6. I was so grateful because I was puking my guts up every 15 minutes all day long.

I remember when my mom was PG with my little sis and bro, she had it as bad as I did. I STILL remember standing in the hallway TERRIFIED! To this day I still get totally freaked out when people barf. Ughhhh!! Nasty.

Enjoy your new 30 minute blocks of freedom! LOL!!

Chris said...

Andrea the steering wheel came from One step ahead online. It's awesome! We haven't tried it in the car yet but we will!

Caron, I had not thought of it that way...AWESOME! Barney might be my new best friend too! LOL! Yeah, she hasn't really been too into tv yet. I can't really get her to pay attention to Disney stuff yet. I keep trying to watch my fave LITTLE MERMAID with her. :)
I'm sure it won't be long now....

Heather said...

Ah, Barney . . . We're pretty much with Katie on him However, we also agree with Caron - he has his conveniences. It certainly helps when you need to get something done.

Kimmie Kay said...

Sadly, we too agree with Katie and Heather on Barney, LOL! I was sooooo over him by the time the girls outgrew him! The only good thing I can say about him is that he taught them the "Clean Up" song which was pretty helpful. But if I hear "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..." anytime soon I will hurl, ha ha!