Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day

Daddy & Lindsay at church on Christmas morning
Grandma & Grandada or dadada as Lindsay calls him. I still had a bad cold on Christmas and could not handle the thought of the weather and sitting in church hacking and coughing so I stayed home Christmas morning. It was hard to send Mike and Lindsay off to Christmas Mass without me. I had to get the rest somewhere though. We still had a full day planned after church celebrating with Mike's side of the family.
Here is Lindsay's loot. She was napping when they got home so we didn't really do Santa time until 2pm on Christmas day. We actually didn't even finish opening everything til the next day just because we ran out of time. When you have an 18 month old you can get away with that! I imagine when they're older they can fly through the presents a bit faster as well.
"Hey, I remember you?!" We had put the Rocking Horse away after the Christmas photo shoot. She seemed happy to see him again as you can see below....

The Elmo chair is a big hit!
This steering wheel is loud as heck. It's supposed to be able to be used in the car. The legs go right over the car seat or it will fold flat to play with on the lap. It's pretty cool though. It makes a ton of sounds and Lindsay really likes it.
This Elmo book was also a hit. It has a cell phone that she can talk to Elmo with. She walks around the house with it saying "hello elmo".
The cousins on Christmas night at Grandma's house. Linds had a blow out which explains why she's sporting no shirt, no socks, no shoes....
Adam posing with his Power Ranger walkie talkies we got for him.

Derek was pretty happy with his gift from us. It was a gift he didn't think he'd get at all. We got special permission from his mom & dad. Mike was very proud to give Derek his very first pocket knife. We also gave him a big safety lecture and some instruction on how to open, close and cut with the knife. I cringed a bit over this gift but what do I know, I'm just a girl!
Linday got the Christmas version of the Cheerio book and a baggie of Cheerios from Aunt Helen & Uncle David. This pretty much ceased any other present opening for a while. She was a happy camper!
Grandada reads Frosty to his girl!
Daddy helps Lindsay open her stocking.
I just like this picture.

All in all we had a very blessed Christmas. We managed to see all of our family and I made it through with a lot of help. As I type this tonight Mike thinks he may be finally coming down with the crud. I'm praying a good night sleep will knock it out of him as he usually doesn't get sick. I'm hoping we've not been just passing it all back and forth between families. We're not making any huge plans for New Year's. I can't even think about it yet really. Mike usually has to work as it's a pretty popular limo night. Lindsay and I may visit with my other sister n law's family or we might just stay in with some Netflix & some gingerale. However we ring in the New Year I can say that we're all very excited to see 2008 round the bend!
We hope everyone has a wonderful, safe & Happy NEW YEAR!


Caron said...

Girl, you are like me... Christmas pics galore with end in sight! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wyatt had a blow out of his own at my parent's Christmas party. That's why his clothes are different in the pic of him sitting in the back of his toy truck. I remembered a shirt change, but forgot the pants. DUH! LOL!

Hope y'all feel better soon! Sick Hubby's are NO FUN!! You're livin' my life!! Well... you're pg to boot... so I'd say you're dealing with more than I am! ;)

Hey, did you see the video I posted for you on my blog?

Amanda said...

She is too cute! What is up with Christmas and blowouts? D had his last Christmas at my parents on Christmas Eve -- it was one of his biggest ones! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures, Chris. Looks like Lindsay got some fun stuff. and my fave is her getting reaquainted with Mr. Horsey! that was too funny. Happy New Year to you too and I really hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks so cute in her dress. I love the photo of her with the horse. I am sorry to hear that you guys are a little under the weather. I know how you feel. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What fun! Looks like you had a great ine and Linds made out like a bandit

Kimmie Kay said...

Looks like you all did have a blessed Christmas...great pics! Happy New Year!