Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sweet Sixteen!

Our next door neighbor Megan had her Sweet Sixteen party yesterday. As per usual Mike drove her friends to dinner in the Hummer Limo. Afterward they hung out back her house and partied. We were invited to come over for presents, cake and festivities. The photo above shows the most popular game of the night.
Lindsay was loving all the dancing and would stand behind the kids and mimic their moves. Whenever she got the chance she would run across the mats and of course this would mess them up. But, these kids were so sweet they didn't mind.
Here is Lindsay waiting her turn. As you can see everyone is having fun. I wish I had taken more pictures. I can tell you Mike and I were really impressed at this group of kids. All of them are in ROTC and are very polite and didn't seem to mind having some "older folks" HA! and a one year old hanging out with them.
These girls were going fast. The song? Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun! I swear! I need one of these for my living room with 80's music installed. I would be SOOOOOOOO skinny! We're talking size ZERO people! HA! Put me in some Bon Jovi and I may never leave the house!!! Too funny! Mike and I watched these kids do this for hours!
Lindsay enjoying some guitar music with her lollipop! (Naturally, she's already hanging out with the older boys)
The birthday girl! Happy Sweet 16 Megan! Thanks for having us over!

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Anonymous said...

whatta fun sweet 16! man, brings me back to the days of yore. days of yore? what the frick? it just came outtah me,girl!

anyways, the party looks rockin' and i would love one of those dance things myself! i'd be all up in it wit some Fiddy Cent. Glad y'all had fun and LIndsay looks like an awesome little dancer!