Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle David

Lindsay with her Uncle David on her 1st Birthday

Tomorrow is Dave's Birthday so we had to send a shout out on the blog! Hope you have a great birthday and we'll see you next week!
Mike, Chris & Lindsay


The Partins said...

Didn't get to comment on Linds' favs... SO cute!

BTW... I've never told you, I LOVE Bon Jovi! Let me know how the concert goes this year! I went about 6 years ago I'm guessing? It was before I meet Daryl, which was in 2003... but man...It was awesome! He wore tan pants that year.... very TIGHT tan pants.

Jenny said...

Hi there! Just visited here for the first time, enjoyed all the pics! I'm a friend of Julie Miller and she sent me here ...

Chris said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by! Any friend of The Miller's is a friend of ours! I'll check out your blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave! Hope he had a good one!

and I hope you have had a great weekend, Chris! :)