Sunday, November 11, 2007

Surprise on the camera!

Just a couple of pics that I found on the camera today. Sometimes Daddy takes a few when I'm at work and I just find them on the camera. I love that!
Daddy's Self Portrait with Lindsay
Well, crisis averted. The Christmas pictures went fine! I'm still very happy I got what I did for Halloween because Lindsay did not do so well in the ones of her by herself. As a matter of fact we only bought one pose of just her and it was just 2 5x7's that Daddy wanted. We got several really nice family ones though. The photographer had Lindsay laughing out loud! We ended up ordering our cards and got a small one pose package for 9.99 just to have a few to give away and an 8x10 family shot for us. Overall, I'm pleased because the agenda for this shoot was to get a family shot. Our last family shots were when she was 2 months old and then again at 5 months but Santa was also in that picture. Oh, and for those of you in the Kennesaw area, Santa is now at Town Center Mall. He looked pretty good too. We didn't subject Lindsay to that tonight but we'll probably go back at some point. There were NO lines today though! I may try to take her up there one night this week after work.
The photos are not online yet so I can't share them tonight but I will soon!
Hope everyone has a great week!


Tara said...

Glad you're feeling better and glad your pictures went well. I can't wait to see them.

Anonymous said...

So happy that the photo session worked out well and you got your family shot! Those are cute photos of Lindsay in her winter gear! love the hot pink hat. :)

You have a great week too, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you got a good family shot. I have got to call and make a reservation to get Morgan's Christmas pics taken!!!! I am trying to hold out so that her case worker can convince her mom to let me cut her hair! ARGH!!