Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just Hanging out on Saturday

Lindsay before breakfast. Gotta love a happy baby first thing in the morning! Here she is modeling her hat that she made at daycare!
It finally happened. She's been eyeing the toilet paper roll for a while now. I knew it was only a matter of time.
So here is my rant for tonight. We have Christmas pics tomorrow and I just tried Lindsay's Christmas dress on her for the first time. It swallows her. It's cute but I really think she'd look better in an 18 month rather than the 24. I bought it at Macy's end of season last year. I happened into Macy's last week and noticed they have the same dress (not on sale). Do I just go buy another one in her size and return the other when we're done? We're gonna be at the mall anyway. Or do I just live with it? Also, Mike has NO clue what he's wearing tomorrow hasn't even looked and he's working tonight. Tomorrow morning he's driving in the Veteran's Day Parade. So we're going to be rushing. Not to mention that yesterday he went for a haircut and the guy scalped him! So....depending on how it all goes we may send out cards again with only Lindsay this year. Or we may scrap it and do something different. UGH.
In the grand scheme of things I guess we'll just roll the dice and see how the photo session goes.
Miss Lindsay is having a bed time meltdown so I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Girl, they love the toilet paper at that age. hell, paulie STILL does that with his toilet paper. hehe. :)

I am not sure what we will do about x-mas card pic either. it might just be Joe and The Sausage. we'll see! Hope it all goes well today!! Show us the finished product, would ya!? :)

Chris said...

Joe & The Sausage would make a great christmas card! I don't mind having it just Lindsay but we did that last year as it was her FIRST CHRISTMAS. I'm going for a walk at the park this morning with a friend. Then I'm going to suck it up and go to Macy's when they open and see if I can switch the dress out and find white tights that fit her. Yeah, the tights I have for her are HUGE too....LOL!
Yes,I'll share our pics with ya...don't worry!

Kimmie Kay said...

Hope it goes well today for you. :)

Katie- I think Joe and the Sausage on your cards would be so cute too!