Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween '07 Part Two (it's LONG)

Ok, here are the rest of the Halloween pics. I couldn't decide what to post so I just put them up. I weeded out several I swear. We had such a great time this year. Lindsay was more enthusiastic than I even thought she would be. She couldn't really figure it all out but she knew something fun was definitely going on! Happy Halloween! Lindsay & Mommy in their Witch gear!
She only wore her hat a few times so we tried hard to get pics when we could.
Derek & Adam's cat Grayson decided to help out Lindsay's costume and be her personal cat for the evening!
Here we all are before trick or treat. Couldn't catch a smile here from Linds. Special thanks to my sister Pat and neice Donna for picking out my hat for me and Lindsay's treat bag!
Adam the Blue Power Ranger age 5 and Derek the ninja age 8.
The gang ready for trick or treat. Dave's mom got in on the action with us!
Check out the pirate ship in somebody's driveway. How awesome is this neighborhood?
Pretty soon as Derek got off the school bus his first words were "did you see the pirate ship?!!!"
Here was another little witch. I loved how they "pimped her ride". I wish I had thought of that!!

Mr. Pumpkin Man. (Not a big hit with the under 2 set)
The Fire Trucks come to lead the parade
Here is another awesome pic of the Pirate ship.
Complete with fog and steam!!! So cool!
All the people in front of us as we head down to the culdesac where the pizza party is held.

Lindsay's ride in the parade.
Adam & his buddy Ryan. This is probably the last time I saw the two of them until they finished trick or treating!
Derek's friend Becca was nice enough to pose for a picture with Lindsay. I have pics of her and Derek from every Halloween since 2001.
Check out little Miss rooting around in mommy's diaper bag!

ahhhh...found it!

Lindsay loves her chick fil a nuggets. A much better choice for her than pizza.
Aunt Helen on drink duty! We're so bad about remembering to get pics of everyone else. Sorry, Dave...I don't think I got a single picture of you. We have to remember at the holidays to take pictures of everyone and not just the kids!
Notice the blurry picture? That's cause she's WALKING fast!!! GO Lindsay! My prayers were answered. I really wanted her to be walking by Halloween! That was mommy's "TREAT"!
Lindsay's first Trick or Treat house. Check out this lady we don't even know mugging for the camera! Ha!ha! Lindsay wasn't too sure here but she quickly got the hang of it.
Another spooky house! We didn't make it all the way to the door here....

Lindsay says "thank you"
We got her to wear her hat here! She was very into the giant "apple"
My cutie pie!
Our traditional picture. This house puts up this arch every year. I have several years worth of pictures under this arch. This would be Lindsay's third one if you count 2005 when I was pregnant with her.
Lindsay had a blast! Daddy was working hard too! Check out her treat bag here. Isn't it perfect with her costume?

Daddy's little witch! Here they are heading back to the house after hitting some 20 doors up for candy!
Lindsay gets in her last trick or treat with Aunt Helen.
Overtaking Adam's pumpkin here.
Lindsay in her "scaredy cat" pj's looking like a NINJA CHICK!
Lindsay doesn't discriminate. She'll play with the Knight's castle and the swords and knives. It will be princess and Barbie soon enough I'm sure!
Ok...if you're still reading my blog THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, girl! looks like halloween was a great time for you all. you got awesome pics yet again. that pirate ship is very cool. i am so glad lindsay enjoyed herself! Have a great weekend, Chris! :)

Angela said...

Wow, that was a great neighborhood. Linday was a doll as usual! Glad you guys had such a good time.

Caron said...

Another fun neighborhood... I am so jealous!!! I am relieved, though, to see another Halloween post as long as mine :) So glad she (and y'all from the looks of it) had so much fun!!!

Lindsey said...

Great pics! I need to go trick or treating in your neighborhood! Love the pirate ship, and Lindsay is a very cute witch

Heather said...

What a neat neighborhood to trick or treat in. i am happy you had such a good Halloween.

Kimmie Kay said...

What an awesome neighborhood to be in for Halloween! All (and I do mean alllll) of the photos are great, but my fave is of Linds with Grayson the cat. :) I never knew you were so big into Halloween, LOL! Glad you all had a great time and Lindsay gave Mommy her "treat".