Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Graison's 2nd Birthday Party- Sun 11/4/07

Lindsay sits at the table like a big girl at Waffle House. Mommy and Daddy were an hour early due to the time change so we went out for breakfast!
Graison's mom and grandmother put together a "fall festival" style bday party. Here are the prize buckets for each child to take home full of loot!
Each station had a different game. Here is the Fish Pond. It was a big hit with the bigger kids!
The Princess Bouncy House! Obviously a main attraction!
The birthday girl would not come out! Here she is with Mom in the background.
Of course us big kids had to get in on the action!
Caylin did a great job looking out for the little ones in the bouncy. Here she was trying to help Lindsay see that she could jump. At first, Lindsay would only sit and bounce. It did not take her long to figure out her footing though, as you will see further down.

Graison's close up! (This pic is her mommy's fave)
Mike looking for a way out!!!!!!!!!
Daddy & Lindsay having fun!
Linds spent a lot of time at the lollipop tree. She didn't realize she could eat them at first.
Each child had tickets to use to play each game. Lindsay thought the tickets were cool! Here she is heading off with her bucket and her tickets ready for the first game!

The Duck Pond was a big hit with the wittle ones. Graison and Lindsay looking for the duck with the highest number on the bottom. It's all about the prizes man!
Or maybe, for Lindsay, it was all about the ducks! Look at that face! "Who me? Duck thief? Whatever do you mean???" It was one of her first words people!
Lindsay plays the ring toss game
The bean bag toss!
She was a little tentative about the face painting!

Why are you rubbing that Qtip on my face?
Daddy picked a "sun" for Lindsay's face since she is the sunshine of his life! Seriously, I don't make this stuff up. HA!
I had to take a pic of the Carmel apples. YUMMY!
Daddy's job was to run the lollipop game. The older girls spent lots of tickets on this game!

Here is Lindsay's friend Zoe! This is my sister in law's sister's daughter. Got that? She has FOUR girls ranging from 4yrs-2months old. Zoe & Lindsay are two months apart.

Here's her big sis Hadley! What a pretty butterfly!
Check out Lindsay & Zoe bouncing. This was a great action shot of Linds.
My bouncin' baby girl!
For all you Georgia fans! Caylin did not appreciate it when I suggested a yellow jacket or Gator for another place on her face.
Lindsay was so funny giving kisses through the mesh fencing.

Another FIRST...this is Lindsay's first lollipop.
Lindsay's newest word is "baby". She says it whenever she sees another child no matter how old they are. She kept going over to Kiri's car seat to check her out. (oops I forgot to put up a pic of sweet Kiri and their other sister Riley too)
Maybe someone else in our house is contemplating the idea of another baby???
Linds & Zoe share a lap...

... And a kiss
SOOOO SWEET! They were a sticky mess too!
I just love this picture of me with the girls.
As the day wound down it started to get chilly. However, this did not hinder us from bouncing!

Lindsay and Graison have matching coats on. I put this picture up to really show you the air that Graison is getting. Check her out in mid bounce behind Lindsay who is also maintaining her balance quite well!
The party was an absolute blast. I think the big kids and little kids all had fun! Thanks for the invite Miss G! You're family threw you quite a fabulous party!
HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY! I can hardly believe you're 2!!
Love you girl!


Anonymous said...

G says she loves you right back! How the time flies...Can't believe my baby is two! Now starts the "isn't it time for another one" question from just about EVERYONE. HA! From their mouths to God's ears! Love you guys! Thanks so much for sharing the day with us - it wouldn't have been the same without you!!! XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kick ass party, man. That moom walk looked like a blast. You got some great pictures! Glad everyone had a good time and Happy Birthday to Graison! :)

Angela said...

Wow what a great party. I need to steal some of those ideas for a upcoming party. Lindsay looks like a doll as always. Glad you guys had fun.

Heather said...

Great party. Happy birthday to Graison.

Andrea said...

Wow Missy, I am amazed at your creative party planning skills! And yes, once they hit 2, the "when are you going to have another?" question turns into "isn't it time you had another?" HA! I almost didn't recognize Lindsay in one of the pics from behind because of her long hair!

Tara said...

Goodness, now that's a party. I'm amazed but impressed at the multiple games, treats, face painting, etc. Happy Birthday to Graison.

Chris said...

Yes Andrea we're getting that already and Lindsay is almost 17 months. "Doesn't Lindsay want a brother" is the big question! LOL!
As Missy said "from their lips to God's ears"!!