Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sears Towne Center- Fall Photo Shoot

Here they all are...random order here. This photo and the teaser shot on the previous post are my two fave's. She has such a mischeivous little smile here. She refused to wear her witches hat. So, I improvised and put it on the pumpkin instead. I think it totally worked! She also was not letting go of her cracker for love nor money. We worked with it. The costume was the second part of the photo shoot so we didn't want to push it.

This picture was obviously a boo boo but the photographer thought it was cute because it looks like Lindsay was casting a spell. We labled it "double, double, toil and trouble" and entered it in their Halloween photo contest. Way to make a bad photo work huh? I got a free shot of it in 5x7 too since it was entered in the contest.

Just to show you it wasn't a PERFECT photo shoot. We had a slight melt down but the photographer and I still liked this shot. Mike doesn't get why I like the cry pictures sometimes. It's still cute. It's still her personality. We'll see what she thinks someday. I bought a 10x10 photo collage of most of these pics and I threw this photo in the collage for posterity.
I love this shot however if you compare it to the teaser shot (which is also the last photo in this post) I thought her smile in the other one was cuter. They are both great photos though and just ever so slightly posed differently. The girls at Sears were fabulous with her and I'm definitely planning on doing our Christmas pictures there this year.
I wanted one photo of her standing alone. Not the best expression but still a sweet shot.

I didn't buy this photo but she has the cutest toes and double chin here.
We didn't buy this one either as it was too close to the very first one above and I don't like her smile in this shot. We were still warming up here and holding the cracker. The kicker was when I put her cat purse on her arm. That's when we got the good smile pic.
Love this shot too. They cropped this one up as a close up and we purchased it that way.

I'm not sure why this photo came out smaller than the others...oops. However I didn't buy this one either. Great smile but not as good as the other shots and even though she has on her pumpkin shoes I don't like the way her legs and everything look here. As you can see, even the worst pics are still great!
The girls at the studio loved this pic but to me, pardon the expression, this is her "poopy face". I didn't like this smile so much. Mike agreed so I was glad I made the right decision. It was hard to choose from so many cute shots and he wasn't with me this time.
This shot is in the collage. It was a nice natural picture of her playing with the props.
You bet we bought bunches of this one! It seems we always get some kind of picture of her in a box or basket or popping out of a present. LOL! Hey, whatever works! This is a great photo!
LOVE MY LINDSAY! We're back to the teaser photo.
I'm telling you guys I couldn't be more pleased. I spent way too much money. Especially considering we're going next month to do Christmas pics and our first family portrait since Lindsay was five months old! But at least my kids will have plenty of pictures to treasure when they're older. I have so few baby pictures of myself and all of Mike's are on slides. I hope Lindsay will appreciate having all of these one day.


Anonymous said...

That last one is my favorite! and i love the one of her casting the spell. that is an awesome shot that got even if they didn't mean to. it's a great picture!

Melanie said...

I love all the pics! I was wanting to take Morgan somewhere to get her picture made in her costume but didn't know where to go. I don't know how you resisted any of them. Picking out pictures is the hardest thing for me.

Lindsay is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I bet you had a hard time picking out photos. I always seem to stand there forever. I love Lindsay's costume. She will be the cutest witch that I know this year.

Lindsey said...

Thank you for all of your supportive words. Also, your daughter is absolutely adorable! I can see why she brings you such joy. Lots of personality in those pics!

I hope your journey TTC again brings you resolve soon, and the existence of your Lindsay brings you peace and trust in your body.

I'll be hoping for you!

Andrea said...

Well Dang! I missed a lot here too. Great pictures. I am very slack in this area. David has only had professional pics twice-once at 9 months and once at 18. Thankfully my gal Caron will be coming here soon to take pics of the whole family!

Chris said...

Thanks everyone! I'm a little biased so I like to hear everyone else's thoughts. :)
Katie- I love that last one too and I'm hoping to win that photo contest!
Melanie-you should give Sears a try. Morgan looks adorable as Minnie Mouse you need some portraits!
Thanks Angela-yes that is the worst part...the decisions and the paying!
Thank you for dropping by Lindsey!

Andrea-good to see ya, where've you been and I want Caron to take some for me too!

MBKimmy said...

Love the photos ... she is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of them! Love them! I am taking Tatum this week to get photos ... how many outfits should I take?!

Tara said...

The photos look good. Glad you found a place for your Christmas shots.

Kimmie Kay said...

These came out so well, the costume is just too damn cute! I can vouch for the oodles of photos you have of Linds too, LOL! She looks great in these...