Monday, October 22, 2007

Off to see the Pumpkins!

Lindsay & Graison are ready to head to the patch!
Ahhh...and here is their muscle!
WOW...we went straight for the really big pumpkins!
Not interested in posing for a picture with mommy...
Lindsay points out her pumpkin.
I love her expression here.

Pilates anyone? Check her balance man! (yet she doesn't walk) hmff.
Bye bye!
Mommy still trying to get a pose.
What a cutie! I love her laughing here.
These are the baby pumpkins or apples as Lindsay calls them.

We couldn't get her out of the blue pumpkins. She loved these!
I don't know but these pumpkins looked "squashed" to me....heh,heh....
Missy, Anthony & Caylin enjoying the hayride.
Graison with her coolio grandpa!Lindsay eats popcorn for the first time ever!
Kind of freaky huh?

Lindsay LOVES the bitty pumpkins. She kept throwing them though. That is against the rules at Burt's. She thought they were balls.
The Fam
Another of my faves! Caylin and Lindsay snuggle up.
"Hey DAD...JUST ONE???? Pleeeeease!!"

Awww....Graison is such a sweetie! Lindsay and Grace are going to be BFF's for sure!

Love those sloppy wet kisses!

Thanks for viewing my pumpkin patch pics. Sorry I couldn't condense it more. I took over 100 shots so trust got off easy. I just love this time of year. I have never been to Burt's Farm before and I definitely think it was worth the drive. It was VERY crowded this past weekend but even still it was a nice day. People were very nice and considerate of each other trying to take pictures. If you get the chance Lindsay gives it two thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

This patch is awesome! man, i have got to go to this one. you're pictures are great. you look adorable in your orange shirt!

Melanie said...

I agree. No one can beat Burt's. Glad that you guys had a good time. You got some great pics of Linds!

Andrea said...

Love your coordinating shirts!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome! There are some great shots of you and Lindsay. Burt's is the best. We did not make it this year.

Chris said...

Thanks for noticing the shirt coordination. I don't usually do that. The five dollar Old Navy Shirts ROCK. That was mine from last year. I got the black cat this year to match Lindsay's costume!

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE the Lindsay laughing pic and the one of Linds and G. Look like a great place, what fun!