Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Inspired by our friend Kevin at Chef and the Fat Man, Mike decided to take his advice and pick some blackberries today. Here is Kevin's take on picking blackberries.

These are blackberry bushes in our very own back yard. Mike had the craving for Kevin's ( blackberry cobbler. The deal was, we bring enough blackberries for two cobblers, and we will get to take one home for us!

Here is the bowl that Mike used to pick. He literally just stopped because he was hot and tired. This was 10 cups and we have PLENTY more in the thicket!

I wanted him to pose with his bowl and Lindsay was just getting ready for lunch, but she had other ideas. She was very mad that daddy took the time to wash some before he'd let her try them out.

FINALLY! Lindsay gets a taste of her first blackberry.

I think she liked it!
Now she's mad because she wants MORE!
Here you go baby...
She eats them right up!
What a happy baby! Are you all done?

ALL DONE! Now, moving onto is the ITALIAN side of her...
Uh Oh, spagettio! What a mess!
Here's a bit of bread to sop up your sauce. (That's the Italian part) ;) Yay, what a fabulous lunch I had!
All done! Time for a bath and then a nap!


Kimmie Kay said...

Too cute! I bet that cobbler tastes good too. :) Looks like you all had a nice holiday, kiss Linds for me!

Anonymous said...

yum! she looks like she had fun eating those blackberries-the cobbler sounds delcious! hope y'all had a great 4th, chris!

Chris said...

We'll find out tonight. Kevin was making the cobblers last night. Mike is going to pick some more blackberries so he can make a pie too. He's in a mode, what can I say. My hubby's fingers are going to be stained purple for weeks!

The Partins said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!