Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Visit 7/8 thru 7/11/07

Here is Aunt Catherine & Donna playing with Lindsay & her Hello Kitty backpack from Aunt C.
My fave pic of Aunt Catherine and her Great Neice!
There was tons of baby is Grandpa Dubois (uncle Steve's daddy) getting his "baby time".
Lindsay got her first Tiara from my cousin Sam and his wife Sandy. Like she isn't already Daddy's little Princess!
Lindsay looks like such a big girl here. Check out her new Pediped shoes that Aunt Catherine bought her on one of our shopping outtings. She is also sporting a new hair bow. Mommy is trying desperatly to keep those bangs out of her eyes!
Lindsay is being a responsible driver and looking before she makes her turn!
Here we are at lunch on the last day. Sandy, Lindsay & Sam. I LOVE this photo!
...add mommy to the picture...
...adding Aunt Catherine to the picture...oops, we forgot to add daddy in one. Thanks Mike for taking the pictures!
Lindsay says..."Can you tell we're related???" Sam knew how to speak Lindsay's language!

It was great being able to take three days off this week and spend time with our visiting family. Mike even managed to take off two and a half days. This was a special visit as Sam and his wife live in New Jersey and my aunt is living in Pennsylvania. We haven't seen them in five years and it was great to have them here and to see them interact with my daughter. Lindsay loved her great aunt and was very receptive to everyone. She had a blast being past around amongst all the family.
Thanks for coming you guys. Mike and I hope to bring Lindsay up your way for a visit next. It's been too long and we hope that our next visit is much sooner!
Have a safe trip home.
Love to all!


Tara said...

The last picture is very cute. Glad you enjoyed your time off work.

Anonymous said...

that pic of lindsay with sam and sandy is so daggum cute!! they all look like they are having so much fun. awesome pics of you too. you have such a fun family. glad it was a good time! :)

Kimmie Kay said...

Sounds like a great trip and the pics are great! :)