Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday at Myrtle Beach

Here we are getting ready to go to the beach Tuesday morning. Check out Mommy's cool new beach bag she bought at a NSH purse sale a couple months ago. SCORE! Oh, and Linds looks really cute in her hat!
She's not feelin' it here. But, it's the only hat we can keep on her right now cause it has a chin strap. Sorry baby!
Practicing for the beach in the condo. Lindsay didn't care whether she was in the sand or not. She loves playing with her bucket and beach toys she got from Aunt Patti & Uncle Steve for Easter! Thanks guys! We miss you!
Ahhh...here we are...the real thing! We had no problem catching on.
What a face!
I'm having fun in the sun.
Give me my bucket back!
Here we are in our cover up after the beach. Time for lunch! We were having fun taking pics of her with the hood on. She also likes her new portable high chair/booster we bought her for the trip. Cousin Donna...we can bring this to your house next time! After lunch we went to the pool and the lazy river. We'll post some photos of the lazy river tomorrow. That thing is SUPER cool. It's heated too! It's actually so windy here that it's very cold after about 4pm and especially if your wet. VERY different than this time of year in Florida.

Tonight we ate at Crabby Mike's. It was a huge buffet and it was your basic stuff. Not bad. I ate a TON of crab legs so I was in HEAVEN. Lindsay ate everything under the sun off the buffet. She was very mad at us for not giving her crab legs. She doesn't understand there are some foods she just can't have yet. No shellfish til age 3 so we're told by the pediatrician. We were heading to the Boardwalk tonight but it rained while we were in dinner so we just cruised Ocean avenue and went home. Lindsay passed out in the car. I'm heading off to bed now so we'll upload some more photos sometime soon.
I think we're going to head to Charleston on Thursday. Much love from the Bresnan's!


Anonymous said...

all your pics are great. Have fun in Charleston. one of my favorite places. i went to the college of charleston and had just the greatest time! too great a time, i think. ;) anyways, and i love the stroller rig! genius!

The Partins said...

She looks so cute in her little swim gear! I can't wait until my little one is here and I can take baby to the beach! :-)

Kimmie Kay said...

Lindsay looks so cute and I think it's awesome how much she loves the beach. We will have so much fun with her in FL, LOL! Have fun in Charleston...