Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Beach Pics from Monday

Lindsay with Grandma & Grandpa (we've been working on saying "grand da da")
Daddy playing "KITE" with Lindsay
LOVE this photo!
Lindsay LOVES the salty ocean!
Linds was laughing so much here. She must have been trying to figure out why the sand is moving underneath her feet. She was basically standing up here on her own.
Daddy's contraption...here is how Mike rigged the umbrella stroller between two chairs at a restaurant so Lindsay could sleep. She fell asleep in the car on the way to dinner. Yes, we're THOSE PARENTS. We're the ones that we always used to comment on B.C. (before children). "Shame on them, don't they know that baby should be home in bed this late?" Oh well...we're on vacation!
Here we all are at Creek Ratz on Monday night. Daddy was so proud of the comfy rig he made for Lindsay that he had the server take this photo. We did get quite a few comments on our baby this night. HA!HA!


Anonymous said...

How inventive! LOVE it! You gotta' do what you gotta' do, man! Glad to see you're all having such a wonderful time and that the weather is cooperating. I'm so jealous...

Kimmie Kay said...

I agree with Missy...way to go Mike! Glad you had a nice dinner and are having a great time!