Saturday, June 9, 2007

Our last day at the beach!

Today was our last day to "beach it" so we decided to bite the bullet and rent an umbrella and stay for longer than we have been. We managed to keep Lindsay from getting burned but mommy lobsterfied her legs today.
Daddy made lunch for everyone and brought it down to the beach. Here is Lindsay really enjoying her turkey sandwich!
After some serious body surfing Linds just couldn't hang anymore. Daddy was able to settle her to sleep even with all the distractions on the beach.
This is Daddy's fave pic
Grandma, me & Lindsay relaxing by the sea.
We had a great day today. We got a late start out to the beach (none of us are early risers) so it was about noon before we hit the sand. We managed to stay out about 3.5 hours before we called it a day and hit the showers. We took some really nice family pics on the beach earlier this evening. I'll post those next. Then we went to THE BEST restaurant we've been to all week. It's called Cedar Hill Landing and it was PHENOMINAL. Value and volume of food was incredible. If you frequent M.B. it's in Murrell's Inlet and it's all the way at the end. They weren't extremely crowded and the scallops were AWESOME! It was so good we have decided to hit it for lunch tomorrow on the way out of town. MBkimmy you have got to try that place out when you are ready for a night out after the baby! It wasn't on your list but if you haven't already you HAVE GOT to try it.


Katy S. said...

Thanks for the tip. Lindsay looks so cute all passed out on that tiny towel.

Kimmie Kay said...

Daddy's fave pic is my favorite it! Safe travels home today! When you get settled, you have to go back and comment on my posts...I've been a busy blogger. :)