Friday, June 8, 2007

Bathing Beauty

Lindsay is sporting her next bikini. This was a gift from our neighbor before we left town. She got lots of comments at the pool this morning on this suit. Can you tell from this picture she's starting to tan a little??
Lindsay is all lotioned up and waiting to go to the pool.
Our resort has so many pools we haven't even been to them all. We tried the beach out this morning but the water was a bit rough today. It made mommy nervous so we went back to the pool and the lazy river.
It's nap time now and mommy & daddy are heading out for a movie and dinner! Today is ONE WEEK til our five year anniversary so we're sort of celebrating it tonight. Grandma and Grandpa are staying in with Lindsay tonight and having their own fun time!
Tomorrow is our last full day here. We're planning on as much beach time as we can get. It seems about two hours a day is all any of us can handle. I will say MB is very different from Florida. It's cold here. The water is cold and it's windy. The only place we died of heat was Charleston. I know if we were in Daytona right now that would not be the case.
Happy Friday!


Tara said...

It looks like you all are having a great time at the beach. Sorry I haven't commented much. I've been coughing my lungs up so I haven't been on the blogs at all. Have a great rest of your trip.

Kimmie Kay said...

Yes, I can see Linds is sporting quite the tan here...adorable! But wasup with her Daddy? He still looks pretty white, tee hee. :)

Anonymous said...

all your pics are great! don'tcha just love charlestion? ahh, brings back the ole college memories. well, the ones i can actually REMEMEBER and all. ;) fun town. a little too much fun!
Looks like your trip has been a blast!