Sunday, April 8, 2007


Lindsay's First Easter Basket
We put cheerios inside all of the plastic eggs. The bunny is a board book. The "my first Easter" ducky is a rattle and she has some bubbles and some biter biscuits in there. Pretty good we thought for a baby that can't have candy yet!

Here is Lindsay at Gymboree today. This was our second Saturday and she had a blast! She likes this tot sized recliner chair. This is where she sits while mommy puts her stuff away and gets ready for class.
This is one of the borders we chose for this portrait. Mike actually designed this one.
Hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER!


Anonymous said...

You're burnin' the ole midnite oil, ain't ya girl? hehe :)
love a late nite post! woohooo!
these pictures are so awesome! i love the border on the last one-perfecto!
Hope lindsay has the best Easter!

Chris said...

You know it...thank goodness we're going to the 10:45 Mass. I was up late doing eggs!! tee,hee.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Lindsay, Mommy, and Daddy! Enjoy those Cheerios! Grandma Carol sent a big box to Mommy for you, so be on the look out...we miss you all!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious! I love it!