Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Memories

Lindsay's cousin Adam fed her whole Easter dinner to her. I guess it took a four year old to show us that she is perfectly capable of chewing food. She ate a whole plate of ham, carrots, mashed potatos, corn casserole, peas you name it she ate it. Adam was shoveling it in too. It was pretty funny but Lindsay was keeping up just fine.
Here is Derek with his birthday present from us. We did the "family party" with Derek and Adam whose birthdays are March 30 & April 11.
The birthday boys!
Uncle Paul reads to Lindsay....awwwww so sweet!
Good Morning Easter Basket! Mommy had just dressed Lindsay for church and daddy brought in the Easter basket. It's a shame I didn't catch her face when he first walked in with it. She was very curious and knew this pretty thing MUST be for her.
Having fun tearing the basket apart!
Mommy, Daddy and Lindsay after Mass. We went to the Mass in the gymnasium this year. It was VERY crowded. Lindsay was getting all sorts of smiles and compliments. She just looked so pretty in her hat and dress. Mommy couldn't take her eyes off her all day!
The girls at church...Chris, Lindsay and Grandma.
The boys...Mike, Derek and Adam having some play time before dinner. Lindsay is in the little house beside Mike but you can't see her.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. We managed to take Grandma and Grandpa to church. Dropped by Donna and Aaron's house for a quick visit to see their new deck and let them see Lindsay in her dress. We went home and let Linds take a nap while we did a few chores and then went to grandma and grandpas for the evening. We were wore out after such a filled day but we had a great time and Lindsay was a very happy baby all day!


Anonymous said...

you all look fabulous! Great family shot. I am so glad you had such a great easter!

Anonymous said...

These are great photos Chris...Lindsay looks like a princess! What a great family holiday for all of you. :)