Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's fun for a GIRL or a BOY!

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, it's fun, it's a wonderful toy. It's Slinky, it's Slinky, it's fun, It's a wonderful toy. It's fun for a girl or a boy!
Mike found this slinky in the back of one of the limo's. Funny, we have no idea where it came from. I didn't even think they made the metal slinky's anymore (or is it slinkies)? Come on, ya'll KNOW you had slinks back in the day! Lindsay is VERY tired in these photos. She was really ready for bed but I was trying to stretch her just a little bit longer before her bed time bottle. She really liked the slinky though. Keeping paci in her mouth kept her from tasting the metal slinky. You know as soon as she went to bed I tested it out on the stairs. I didn't have stairs to play with it when I was a kid. We had to make an obstacle course out of books etc for the slinky. Of course that was after we walked to school in the snow with no shoes....ha!ha!
Anyway, I think she looks really cute in her little fire engine red flannel shorts and onsie. It's sort of a boyish outfit but cute just the same. I thought we'd try her out in this to sleep in tonight since it's warmed up so much and she's so warm blooded like her daddy.
Lindsay was a bit depressed about the outcome of American Idol tonight. On top of that Grey's Anatomy was a repeat so it's a good night to go to bed early. Mike is working this evening so it's a quiet night. Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend and hopefully some nice weather!
Stay tuned for more pics. Lindsay is preparing for St. Patrick's Week coming up. She told me to lay out all her St. Paddy's outfits and green items so she can be as festive as she was Valentine's week. Oh, it's so much fun playing dress up with you baby girl. I know soon enough we'll be fighting over what you'll wear!


Anonymous said...

ahh, i loved my slinky! i brought one in a few weeks ago for my preK kids and they had a blast with it. the one i had as kid always ended up getting all tangled up and twisted though! cute pictures and i love the red shorts. see, that's why i wanted a little girl so bad-all the clothes. it's probably better i gots a boy though,'cuz i'd be broke, girl! ;)

Anonymous said...

Auntie Kim thinks Linds looks adorable in her jammies! Too cute with the slinky too. :)

Tara said...

Very cute! I love the outfit.