Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Easter Hat & New Tricks

Here is Lindsay trying on her new Easter hat. Graison's mommy found it for us on one of her bargain shopping sprees! Thanks Missy! P.S. How cute is Snoopy popping out behind her head?
Lindsay looks suprised that mommy took a picture with her hat on backwards.
This is Lindsay's latest trick in the mornings. Peek A Boo!!
I know it seems that we take her picture in that rocking chair every day. It just seems like the best place to put her and get a good shot that won't agonize the dogs! It's crazy, but it works.
Lindsay is now waving "bye, bye" and trying to clap hands. She gets very excited and flails her arm when it's time to say "bye". Sometimes she does her royal wave by ever so slightly moving her hand and wrist. Her Majesty is enjoying this newest trick!
It also seems we have another American Idol addict. I swear she stops what she's doing and watches the good singers. She especially likes the girl's because they RULE!
Well, it's late and I'm up past my bedtime. More soon! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

gosh, she's cute. that's just an awesome age. that was my favorite agae with Joe-right around 9 months. every freaking thing they do is so gosh darn cute, ya know? then they become toddlers and won't go potty in the toilet and write on your walls with permanent markers! haha! enjoy these days now, chris! hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, and i just LOVE that she's an Idol fan! gal aftah my own heart! :)

Chris said...

Too funny Katie. Yes, I'm reading about Joe and thinking ahead! SCARY! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The hat? Too cute! SO glad that it fits. Never did get to see the Easter dress, though...did you have it with you Sunday? I completely forgot to ask you. Ah, yes...the royal wave. Graison still does it - and I must admit, we encourage it by purposefully waving to her that way. Mommy finds it so much cuter than the "wrist flap" wave! Girls truly do RULE! Hugs and kisses to Linds!

Kimmie Kay said...

LOVE the hat...great find M! She looks so cute...the "royal" wave is adorable too! :) Kiss her for me...