Sunday, March 25, 2007

Derek's Lego Birthday Party

Today we went to my nephew's 8th birthday party. He'll be 8 on March 30th. Here is his awesome LEGO birthday cake his mom made.
The boys had a "free build" competition with their legos and then played this "brick toss" game for prizes. They had a great time.
Here is Adam my other nephew. He'll be 5 on April 11th. Check out the AIR this kid got trying to smack the LEGO pinyata. SUPER A+ effort little guy!
Here is Derek having a go at it. Eventually the blind folds came off and each boy got to have a chance to be the one to rain the candy down. Let me tell you that was a LOUD scene. Lindsay had a good time yelling too. She was just trying to be heard in that crowd.
We had a great day today visiting with Derek and Adam. It just so happened that their neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt today as well. After the birthday party was over we went across the street for the egg hunt. I don't know why but blogger will not let me post more than five pictures at a time so I'll include the Easter egg hunt photos in the next post.
Any help on that will be greatly appreciated. It's making me crazy!

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