Saturday, February 17, 2007

Peanut Butter Update

I can't believe how many people have bad jars. Apparently they are now saying forget the codes just get rid of any that you bought since May of 2006. Nice! So how long have these plants been mass producing yuck product!? ICK....I'm am SO grossed out over this.

Yes, Renata I'll be waiting a bit before I eat any peanut butter I suppose. But, I'm going to buy JIF next that is for sure. (well, excluding the reeces peanut butter heart from Valentine's Day that I'm eating as I type...Ha!ha!)
Like I said what's next? I'm telling you if something happens to the chocolate supply the world as we know it will end!

So...what's everyone giving up for Lent???? HA! ONE GUESS.... (I know, I'm terrible but that sure makes it easy now doesn't it?)


Anonymous said...

I returned mine to the store today and got a jar of Jif, LOL! I was relieved to see Peter Pan off the shelves completely but saddened to see the HUGE box of returned jars that was behind the service desk.
There are 3 confirmed salmonella cases in FL now...keeping my fingers crossed that we don't hear of may more...

Chris said...

I have the offending four jars sitting in a bag in my kitchen. I guess I should return them to the store this weekend and get it over with. I bet JIF company is LOVING their sales increase right now!