Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lindsay at Work

Feb 14, 2007 with mommy and her co-workers

As promised here is the best pic we took from that day. Lindsay was quite a disruption of the normal daily events! She was SO good though. She enjoyed being passed amongst all my co-workers and she was totally spoiled. Daddy and Lindsay came up and met me for lunch. We cruised around the hospital and made several quick visits. Afterward they waited for me to get off work (I got to go home early too) and we went home and had Lindsay's first Valentine Celebration. Mommy got red roses from daddy and one pink one from Lindsay. We made a red velvet cake and watched a movie. Don't worry Lindsay, next year you'll get to eat some candy and cake!


Anonymous said...

cute picture! where do you work? in the hospital?

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Looks like Linds and the gang enjoyed her 1st Valentine's Day! :)

Chris said...

Yep, I work in the film library in Radiology. I met my hubby at this hospital (he was a patient and I admitted him) and our baby was born at the same hospital. Also, years ago before we met Mike's mom worked there as a nurse. So we have this weird sort of family bond with my work place. HA!HA!