Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogging Newbie

Thanks for your comments gals. Nice to meet you Katie. Your blog is a hoot and Joe is a cutie.

I'm still new at this and having problems with my home computer. I am not sure if it's because I'm still on dial up (yes, it's I hang my head) or if it's my actual computer giving me fits but the site refuses to load past the front page. I can't do anything from home which is MAJORLY aggravating. Dear hubby is going to get my computer checked out and may even get me a new pc on trade through someone he knows. We own a limo service and the guy he knows may trade me an upgraded used computer for some limo time! Gotta love it.

Check out my hubby's company at for any of you that might want a nice ride one day!

We're trying to figure out the issues and on top of that Bell South is screwing up our home line and hopefully soon we'll be getting high speed internet and digital cable! I could live without a house phone these days. We NEVER use it anyway. The only reason I think we should keep it is to be able to call 911 (you never know).

I'm including on my post today a more recent picture of Lindsay. It's one of my favorites of her in her high chair eating rice cereal and fruit! What a face! This ranks up there for black mail photos when she's older!

TGIF!!! I hope this blog inspires some of my friends to get out there and set up a page!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Cute Babykins! Just checking it out!! Renata

Chris said...

Thanks! I know your a MY SPACE junkie but you should BLOG too. LOL!

Tara said...

very nice picture! I hate that you have to blog from work. Hopefully Mike will take care of you with the high speed and a new computer.

Anonymous said...

oh, that picture is a classic! i already have a file labeled "joe's blackmail" of these type pictures to show all future girlfriends! haha!!

Anonymous said...

LOVIN' this pic! O.k. So I finally had some time to check out your blog (before I checked out R and K's myspaces, so hopefully they won't see me here and be offended - I think I lost the addresses for those - yikes!) In any event, I'm bookmarking this one, so I'll be back. And if not, you know where I live! LOL! Talk soon, M